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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

City of Heavenly Fire spoiler art

Hello hot Shadowhunter spoiler! Um, anything that has to do with a Jace and Clary moment in a future book is not deemed a spoiler to me. LOL But, because let's be honest, we're all anxious to know what is going to happen with the two of them, BUT since City of Heavenly Fire is NOT out yet, this is a SPOILER!!!!!








Some CoHF spoilery art for you! With Clockwork Princess now out for a month, I’ve decided it’s time to start mixing up answers about Clockwork Princess and cut scenes with a few teasers for the last book in that other series. This teaser isn’t words, it’s art by Cassanda Jean. I won’t make any promises about what it means but I think, like the previous piece, you’ll like it. ;) It IS A SPOILER for an actual scene, so it’s under a cut.

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