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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Latest TMI Movie News: Merchandise, Reshoots & More

There's been a lot of exciting buzz over the TMI Movie this past week, especially after news broke that part of the cast & crew were back in Toronto doing some re-shoots, and then when that wraps up (which reportedly it did this weekend) they'll be off to a studio in LA to film a little bit more. Martin Moszkowicz posted this picture on his facebook page:

I'm thinking this looks like a silent brother. What about you guys? Thank you to Cassie and TMI Canada from sharing this pic!

With movie buzz comes movie merchandise talk and we've all been anxious to see what we will available to fans later this summer. Cassie recently shared this bit of exciting news!

This lovely kit goes on sale on July 30th, 2013 and can be purchased from Amazon HERE & Barnes & Noble.

Per Amazon, the kit includes:
Based on the first book in the New York Times bestselling Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, now you can join the Shadowhunters, a group of warriors out to rid the world of demons. This officially licensed mini kit includes an Angelic Power rune pendant, ten temporary rune tattoos, two magnets, and 32-page full-color book of quotes and images evoking the dark, fantasy adventure world of the Mortal Instruments.

Okay Shadowhunter fans, there is a lot of merchandise that will be out this year. Some we've already posted about and other stuff hasn't been revealed yet. How are you going to determine what you're going to buy? Or are you going to buy it all? lol 

On Friday I shared what fans thought was a new movie poster, but Cassie posted yesterday that in fact this is NOT a new movie poster. Here's what Cassie said,

"Ah, finally figured out this isn’t a poster but an ad from the Bookseller, which is the British version of Publisher’s Weekly. Which is cool. You’re going to see different posters and ads because the Sony ones, which you see the most, are only North American — other countries can either buy their ads or make their own.

Same for people asking if there’s going to be a third trailer — sometimes the production company will make an “international trailer” so that is always a possibility. It would mean Sony wouldn’t make it, but Constantin.
Boring movie stuff over for the day! "
*animated version of this poster from the-manila-institute 

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