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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Shandra!

We're celebrating another fabulous Mundie Moms birthday this week! Happy Birthday to SHANDRA! As you know Shandra, you're birthday wouldn't be complete without Sophie and I giving you a few of your favorite things:

1) Robert Pattinson

I'd like to thank Rob for coming to Austin, TX a few years back (okay it's more than a few) and brining us together! True we met through Twilight Moms, but Rob coming to Austin is what finally brought us together. That is a day I won't so forget, because of all the fun we had prior to actually meeting and talking to him.

2) Cupcakes

You can't have a birthday without cupcakes! Especially book cupcakes ;)

3) Jace

Need I say more?! ;)

4) The Fearless Rune


The Super Mom award that comes especially to you with Super Women Powers

You know why we're giving these to you! We LOVE YOU BB! You are an amazing women with an incredible strength! I know you like staying behind the scenes, but THANK YOU for all you do for each of us MMs on the forums and with the memberships. Most importantly thank you for your friendship, and all you've done for me! 

5) Now that I got all sappy, here's come chocolate and wine.... 

(image found source google, credit to Manhattan

Since I don't drink,  I hope I found a good picture with wine you'd enjoy lol If we could, Sophie & I would treat you a fabulous girl night that would consist of books, chocolate and I'm sure a movie, plus a lot of laughing and you know, the usually girl night stuff. ;) 

We love you Shandra! Happy Birthday!

*all images found on google


  1. Chocolate, wine, cupcakes, Rob and Jace! He would so draw a fearless rune on you, Shandra! Love you, girl!!! Enjoy your day!

  2. Y'all are so awesome!! Thanks so much!!