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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MTV News Exclusive On Set Interview with Jamie

MTV News has an exclusive on-set interview with Jamie Campbell Bower where they discuss, what else but, being Jace. Now I do remember when I first read City of Bones, I thought why would Clary fall for such a sarcastic, okay good-looking, jerk? But then about 100 pages into it, I understood that it was just part of Jace's armor and I actually began to look forward to his well-timed, snarky remarks. Here's Jamie's thought on Jace:
"What I love about him is the fact that he's actually a bit of a d*****bag," Bower said during a 3 a.m. interview on the Toronto set. "He's not like a meathead, he's just sarcastic and rude."
You can read the rest of the interview here including Cassie's thoughts on Jamie's performance, which I just loved:
"Personality-wise, Jamie is exactly like Jace," Clare said. "It's actually like interacting with Jace, talking to him. It's a little bit creepy."
Can you even imagine what that was like for Cassie? A character come to life? Creepy indeed.

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