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Monday, May 27, 2013

Mundane Monday #186: Jace & Clary

Happy Mundane Monday!

This image was one that Cassie shared last week, and it's one I love of Jace & Clary. The artist and their artwork can be found here.

He ran his hand through a curl of her hair. "I'm happy now, Clary. Doesn't that make a difference?"

"I thought we were happy together," Clary said.

"I've always been happy with you," he said. "But I never thought I deserved it."

"And now you do?"

"And now that's feeling's gone," he said. "All I know is that I love you. And for the first time, that's good enough." 

She closed her eyes. A moment later he was kissing her again, very softly this time, his mouth tracing the shape of hers. She felt herself go pliant under his hands. She sensed it as his breathing quickened and her own pulse jumped. His hand stroked down through her hair, over her back, to her waist. His touch was comforting-the feel of his heartbeat against hers like familiar music-and if they the key was slightly different, with her eyes closed, she couldn't tell. Their was the same, under the skin, she though, as the Seelie Queen had had said; her heart raced when his did, had nearly stopped when his had. If she had to do it all again, she thought, under the pitiless gaze of Raziel, she would have done the same thing.

This time he drew back, letting his fingers linger on her cheek, her lips. "I want what you want," he said. "Whenever you want it." 

- City of Lost Souls

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