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Thursday, May 30, 2013

TMI Party Day at BEA

It's TMI Party Day at BEA today and everyone is excited and getting ready for tonight. Here's what Cassie had to say on her tumblr about the preparations: 

Scary looking Shadowhunters greet me as I get up to prepare to TMI PARTY DAY at Book Expo America. The party starts tonight — there’s going to be rune artists, drinks, food, movie props, shoutouts from the cast, a playlitst put together by Unviversal Republic who are doing the soundtrack, and five minutes of movie footage to share with the partygoers. I am excite, but wish the humidity was not causing my hair to look like Sideshow Bob’s.
And I think Cassie loves jewelry as much as we do, so she shared (on her tumblr) a very special piece of jewelry that she will be wearing tonight.
So I’m getting dressed for the #TMIParty tonight — much glitter is involved — and I thought I’d share my one piece of jewelry. *points up* All the Shadowhunters in the film got these rune necklaces — you can see Jamie wearing his, blurrily, in the below photo. Each of them had a rune specific to the character. Jamie’s is Strength. Valentine’s is Power. Hodge’s is Knowledge (Jared was super-serious about which rune he got!) and Luke’s is Fate.

After the production, Harald and I got two more necklaces made by the props department. Harald’s rune is Vision. Mine is Good Luck. I’ll be wearing it tonight! I’ll be tweeting #tmiparty as the party goes on!

 Cassie is going to look stunning, as usual(check out her instagram pics here and here, yes, to the glitter and the lovely blue/purple hair extensions!) and boy, do I wish someone was going to make those pendants. I'd totally put away all my pennies to get one.

And just look at the party setting:

From SimonTeen's instagram.

From Cassie's instagram. That's Maureen Johnson in the bottom left-hand corner.
And my favorite picture -- Cassie and Katie B!!!

Cassie with Mundie Moms' founder, Katie B.
This looks like one incredible event where everyone's having one heck of  a time!


  1. AW MAN :D That's some pretty snazzy looking hair and eye-makeup :D I'm so sad I won't be there, but thank god for twitter! Looking forward to the TWITTER #TMIPARTY haha :)


    1. ShreShre - What a gorgeous venue and such a fun party with so many great guests! Everyone looks simply beautiful. I'm sad that I'm not there, too and yes, hooray for twitter!

  2. OMG! I'd give my firstborn child to be there. XD Thanks for info, you're great!

    1. Soraya - You just made me laugh! Everyone is having a fantastic time!!