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Monday, June 24, 2013

City of Bones Movie Tie In Featuring Jace, Clary and Valentine On Sale NOW at Walmart

Check out this exciting news! Jonathan Rhys Meyers source just posted THIS:

You know there are times it's perfectly acceptable to have, oh let's say 8 copies of the same book right? This book needs to be on my shelf. Check out the cover! Valentine is looking evil. *snickers* I don't know why I'm laughing over Valentine. I seriously never intended to like him in the movie, but that was before they cast Jonathan Rhys Meyers as him, and now it's going to be really hard to hate him, that is until we get to City of Glass, then all bets are off. Back to the cover.... Can we please have one with Magnus!?! I'd buy that one in a heart beat. Actually a cover that features everyone would be even better. #greedyshadowhunterfan


  1. Ohhh I need to get this pretty!! Who cares that I already have the ebook, the audiobook, a hardcover copy, and a paperback copy lol!!

  2. Yes, everyone else can drool over Jace. I want Valentine. I definitely didn't imagine him like that when I read the book, but I'm okay with that. I love JRM's movies so he's definitely a huge bonus to the amazing world of Shadowhunters. :)