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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Did Cassie Confirm the Title to Her New Shadowhunter Series TWP? The Wicked Powers?

Recently Cassie confirmed to Shadowhunter fans that she does in fact have a 5th series in the Shadowhunter world coming out, that she referred to as TWP. That of course sent us fans on a crazy mission trying to figure out what TWP, much like it did with us trying to figure out what TLH, from her other series announcement, meant.

While Cassie's has NOT officially confirmed/posted on any of her sites other than Twitter what TWP means, a fan tweeted her with this:

@HeavenlyFray asked Cassie on Twitter: "I bet TWP means "The Wicked... something" am I right?

@CassieClare responded with, "It's in the poem."

That poem she's referring to is from her second to latest City of Heavenly snippet we posted here. In the poem it says, "And bronze to summon wicked powers."

When two fans tweeted: "The Wicked Powers"

 @CassieClare replied with, "Y'all are so clever"

If that's true, this is what The Shadowhunter Chronicles would look like:

The Series Timeline

The Infernal Devices: Victorian London

TLH: After The Infernal Devices (the generation following these characters)

The Mortal Instruments: NYC, 2007

The Dark Artifices: LA, now days (5 years after TMI)

The Wicked Powers: Future, (3 years after TDA)

If Cassie stays true to including the family lines we first meet in The Infernal Devices, that could mean that like her previous series to The Wicked Powers, we'd get to know more of the characters from The Dark Artifices in the new series, and see the continuation to our favorite shadowhunter bloodlines.

Even though Cassie tweeted this, we are awaiting OFFICIAL confirmation from Cassie about the title. Meaning when Cassie officially announces the title on her site. 

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