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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Mortal Instruments Movie Monday #22: Shadowhunter Clothes Line at Hot Topic

Happy Mundane Monday! The count down is on for the upcoming release of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I know it's felt like forever ago since the movie was announced and now it's theatrical release is less than 2 months away. That means between now and then A LOT of awesome TMI movie related things will be available to fans. You can check out some of the upcoming movie merchandise here.

Last week TMI Source shared some of Hot Topics upcoming Shadowhunter clothes. These look awesome! I think Magnus would even approve. But, once they're gone they are gone! SO that means get these items when you see them, but no fighting in line. lol Unless of course it's over who your favorite Shadowhunter is. ;)

Check out these clothes and read a little of what TMI Source shared with fans last week. Per TMI Source:

Cindy Levitt, VP of Merchandising at Hot Topic, said:

“We just knew everyone was kind of obsessed with it,” Levitt told us. “When you get that fan base first, then you know. It’s so different than when a studio approaches you and you’re like, never heard of it, and this one we’d heard so much about. We didn’t even question it. We’re going to support it.”
The clothing line is a limited-edition so when it sells out it’s gone. But the goal was for die-hard fans of the series to get their hands on it before it sells out.
“I’m afraid we’re going to run out before the film,” Levitt said. “But we’re ok with that, because we can always have t-shirts that kind of chase it up to the film. But I think this collection bought it very tight so that the true fans can get it and then it’s gone. We don’t want it to be all massed out there.”
Levitt also revealed more Mortal Instruments merchandise that will be on sale at Hot Topic, including t-shirts, prop replica cuff bracelets, rings, necklaces, bags, rune-inspired temporary tattoos and steles.
In the movie you can see the actors wearing some of those pieces. “Some of those replica pieces will be there,” she said.
Here are the prices for the clothing line:
  • Clary Dress – $44.50
  • Jace Vest – $54.50
  • Parallel Worlds Dress – $39.50
  • Isabelle Ivory Dress – $49.50
  • Clary moto Jacket – $52.50
  • Raziel Tank Top – $32.50
  • Angelic Power Tank Top – $29.50
  • Shadow World Leggings – $29.50
 Hot Topic ships internationally!

Check out these clothes! I'll take one of each please. lol

Now check out this attention to detail. This one of the things I've loved seeing the most from these pictures. Little details go along way with stuff like this. 

*all pictures are credited to TMI Source

What do you guys think? What's your favorite item? Are you more excited about the movie replica line or the clothing one?

Thank you to TMI Source for sharing these images with us!


  1. I think I'm equally obsessed with both!! AHH!!! >.< But it's gonna be tough to score some of these so I haz to get my shopping-radar ready haha

  2. there somewhere I can get the Jace vest yet?