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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fanart Update: Cassandra Jean's Young Circle and CoHF Artwork

Clary Talking to Emma in CoHF by Cassandra Jean

Cassie posted the latest Cassandra Jean artwork updates and WOW, are they gorgeous! The top illustration was Cassie's birthday present. Here's what Cassie had to say on her tumblr:
My birthday present from Cassandra JP — a scene from City of Heavenly Fire! Clary with little 12-year-old Emma.
And then the gorgeous artwork below is Luke! Check out the name of the cafe:

Young Circle art: Luke at Seraph Bakes Cafe.

Young Circle Art! Luke (TMI written by @CassieClare) Luke waiting for someone at the cafe Seraph Bakes in Idris? @TMIScotland came up with the cafe name and I thought it was brilliant. Anyway, random doodle. I can’t bring myself to draw anything more serious today, kinda fuzzy-headed.

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