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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Entertainment Weekly's Shelf Life Unveils the New Bane Chronicles Cover

Entertainment Weekly's Shelf-Life unveiled the latest The Bane Chronicles cover today. The Rise of the Hotel Dumort is the fifth installment of the series and is co-written by Maureen Johnson and Cassie. Here's what Shelf-Life had to say:
Hotel Dumort (out Aug. 20) is set in the 1920s Manhattan, and the titular character is making the most of his time in the Roaring Twenties. From the official description: “[Magnus Bane is] settled into New York society and is thriving among the fashionable jazz set. And there is nowhere better to see and be seen than the glamorous Hotel Dumort, a glittering new addition to the Manhattan landscape. But a different type of glamour may be at play…”
Why do I think a speakeasy will be involved? Pre-order links: nook | kindle | kobo.  And don't forget to add it to your goodreads. And no, I am not staring at that handsome cat-eye warlock.

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