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Monday, August 12, 2013

Fans Camping Out for the Premiere Were Treated to a Special Guest

Katie and Emm (our very own Aussie Mundie Mom!) 
Yesterday, Katie and our very own Emmaly (you guys may recognize her from MMs Forum; she made the journey from Australia just to be at the premiere) found a poster they just couldn't resist!

Last night, Katie and Emm visited the fans who were braving the elements and camping out to get premiere tickets. And guess who else joined them? None other than TMI director, Harald Zwart!
And Harald, true to his word on twitter, brought soup for the first 100 fans.

Source: MMs instagram

Harald with Katie B to his immediate right. Also pictured: TMI Source, TMI Examiner, fangirlishness staff (Source: MMs instagram)

TMI campers (Source: MMs instagram)

(Source: MMs tumblr)

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