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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Talk All Things #TMIMovie Here


It's release day and we know how excited fans are to see the movie, and to discuss it. Since many of our friends outside of the US won't be able to see the movie until next week, we want to make sure that no spoilers make it their way. Please be respectful of the fact there are fans who do have to wait for their country to release the movie. MM's have created a place for fans to discuss all things TMI Movie in the AFTER YOU'VE SEEN SPOILER filled forum. There's also many places on the forum to talk about the movie without fear of reading spoilers as well.

Want to discuss all things TMI Movie without giving away spoilers to others? You can do so now, HERE.

You can also share your movie reviews and link to other TMI movie reviews here.

Through out the day we'll be updating our TMI cast interviews here, warning, these will have movie spoilers in them.

You can find all things TMI movie related in this forum HERE (please not this link has NO spoilers).

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