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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cassandra Clare Talks About City of Heavenly Fire & The TMI Movie

(My favorite picture I took from the red carpet: Cassie had her hubby Josh)

Cassandra Clare has had on heck of a crazy schedule over the past few months, but that didn't stop her from taking a few minutes to post an update of her latest travels, news and thoughts yesterday on Tumblr.  You can read the ENTIRE POST here.

I'm sharing part of her post here, as she talks about the lack of control she has/had over the TMI movie. There have been some fans who didn't enjoy the movie that have come out and personally attacked Cassie over it saying she had control over it, when that wasn't the case at all. Plus, Cassie also talks about City of Heavenly Fire!!!!!

Anyway, I am heading out tomorrow to rural France with the Usual Suspects where I will be spending the next month hopefully *finishing* City of Heavenly Fire, and recovering from what has probably been the craziest year of my whole life.
I did want to add — I have of course been receiving a ton of messages about the movie: from people who loved it, people who hated it, people who are mad at me for changes made in the adaptation from book to movie, people who want me to give them Jamie Campbell Bower’s phone number immediately or they will be mad at me… It’s a little overwhelming, but I will just say: 
 I’ve always said I didn’t have ultimate control over this movie. (I said it on my website, and here, seven months ago and  a year ago : “When you give over your movie rights you have to accept that decisions about how to adapt your books will be made without you. ) I clarified my position and influence re: the movie here a month ago: : ’The producers and director and production designer were all nice enough to come to me to consult about various things. I gave my opinion. Sometimes they took it. Sometimes they didn’t take it. Sometimes they took part of it but not the rest. Some things I was never asked about and was as surprised as everyone else to see.”
Interestingly, even being on set doesn’t change that - about 60% of what I saw filmed, including a ton of location shooting in ‘Idris’ and flashbacks, didn’t make it in — I hope it’s on the DVD because I think you guys would like it. None of that is a criticism of the movie — but often if you have questions about why things were changed, or when or how, I won’t know the answer, because I don’t know either. I just hope you do know that whenever I was asked for input, I gave it with what I thought you guys would want in the forefront of my mind.
In the end, a film is an interpretation: it’s the director’s vision of a book. If you don’t like it, you’re not a bad fan. If you do like it you’re not a bad fan. If you have a ton of strong opinions well, you’re a fan. :) It’s the nature of the beast. The books will always be the books and nothing changes that. 
Speaking of the books, I found out that this week City of Bones is #1 on the USA Today list. I remember years ago sitting in Holly’s basement on New Year’s Day with Libba Bray, making our Lists of Impossible Goals: things we wanted to accomplish we didn’t ever think would happen. I wrote “#1 on the USA Today list” — because USA Today ranks every book in the country and so basically it means City of Bones, this week, was the bestselling book in the US. And that’s pretty amazing. 
I feel so grateful to have had the experience of this past year, and I know I am so lucky in my life, my career and to have you guys, most of all. And I can’t wait to start talking about City of Heavenly Fire. I just saw the cover — YES! Tell me if you want a sneak peek. ;)
YES CASSIE WE DO want a sneak peek! ;) 

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  1. I appreciate Cassie writing this. I have never heard of an author who DID have a lot of say over a movie unless it was Stephenie Meyer AFTER the Twilight movie. I did not see the movie because this book series is my favorite YA series by a LOT (have read them 3 time and done the audios twice) Jace is by far my favorite YA book crush (I have to keep saying YA because there is Jamie Fraser....) The vivid picture of the characters and settings in this incredible series was something I did not want changed even the slightest by a movie - I didn't need it. Jace should have been cast by the hottest possible actor and he wasn't. That made my decision easy. I just plain did not need a movie because the books provide me with one in my head. Kudos to the author who did that so vividly.