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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wish You Were Italian by Kristin Rae, Cover Reveal

I am so excited to be apart of today's cover reveal for Kristin Rae's Wish You Were Italian! Not only do I adore Kristin, but this sounds like one of those reads I am going to happily spend the afternoon reading when it's out. 

Pippa always wanted to go to Italy, but not by herself. And not to sit in a classroom the summer before senior year learning about paintings by dead guys. Tempted by the romance of Rome and the chance to photograph ancient ruins, Pippa ditches the program and sets her own list of goals—get my picture taken at the Colosseum; get a makeover; fall in love with an Italian.

She befriends a local girl whose gorgeous cousin may be just the Italian Pippa’s looking for, but the road to amore gets detoured when she keeps running into a cute American student. And she can’t forget that her summer abroad is only temporary. As she explores the famous cities of Rome and Pompeii, Pippa must sort out her feelings before her parents figure out where she really is.

To be released on 5/6/14 from Bloomsbury, you can pre-order it now from: 

Praise for Wish You Were Italian
“With Italy's brilliant landscapes, a main character you'll love from the first line and a new dreamy book boyfriend (he's mine!), WISH YOU WERE ITALIAN is a charming and addictive read. Devour this delicious treat like a double scoop of gelato.” —Lindsey Leavitt, author of Going Vintage and Sean Griswold’s Head.


 Kristin Rae was born and raised in Texas though her accent would suggest otherwise. She’s addicted to books, music, movies, crafty things, and chocolate. A former figure skating coach, LEGO merchandiser, and photographer, she’s now happy to create stories while pretending to ignore the carton of gelato in the freezer. Kristin lives in Houston with her husband and their two boxers.

They say it helps to write what you know, so I gave Pippa the same love of photography that I have. When I traveled to Italy in 2009, I took pictures of even the most obscure details, knowing I’d want to set a story there one day. I’m thankful I was so thorough because once this story idea came to me in April 2011, my memory of the trip wasn’t as fresh. I was able to sift through my photos and build Pippa’s summer with them, tossing in some of my own experiences. I’m actually jealous that Pippa spent so much more time in Italy than I did. She got to take so many more pictures!

It’s a dream come true for Pippa to photograph ancient ruins and historic monuments like the Colosseum, but quite a lot of the story takes place in a coastal region called Cinque Terre (“five lands” – pronounced CHING-kway TAY-ray). The views have to be seen to be believed, the food is the best I’ve ever eaten (it’s the birthplace of pesto!), and it’s ROMANTIC! You can even walk on a path between all five villages along the coast, shopping and sampling food in each. I think about going back there EVERY DAY.

Gelato plays a big part in Pippa’s story, but I won’t give anything away! There’s really nothing quite like authentic Italian gelato. It was actually hard for me to eat ice cream once we came back home after our trip to Italy. I think it’s the texture and unique flavors that sets it apart. My favorites were mint and stracciatella, though, like Pippa does, I had to at least TASTE the pistachio! I don’t know how they get a nut to taste good as ice cream, but they do!

Pippa’s from Chicago, so she’s had her fair share of deep-dish pizzas! But she’s quickly won over by the simplicity of Italian pizzas and the papery thin crusts. She makes it one of her summer goals to eat entire pizza by herself. If I get a chance to visit Italy again one day, I think this will be a goal of mine too! DELIZIOSO!

Happy Halloween!

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jamie Campbell Bower Talks TMI Movie Franchise

Digital Spy recently sat down with Jamie Campbell Bower to discuss The Mortal Instruments and more. Here's what Jamie said (read more via Digital Spy's interview HERE

"With any film like that comes great trepidation, and you have to assess the market as it stands with big franchise films," Bower told Digital Spy at the launch event for BT TV''s partnership with Curzon Home Cinema. 

"We have seen a lot of [those films] flounder, and so if Constantin feel comfortable to move on to the next Mortal Instruments film, I'm happy for that." 

Bower went on to discuss his role in the last two Twilight films, and how that series had influenced his perspective on being cast as The Mortal Instruments' male lead Jace.
"Even from being a small part of something like Twilight, I found out that actually, what's really important is having a connection with the fans.

"It's great to be able to sit here and do press, but if I can go out there and I can do a mall tour - which is what we did for Mortal Instruments and for Twilight - that actually can make somebody's day. And that's sort of what I'm doing this for."

What Jace scene are you looking forward to seeing in the City of Ashes movie?

Gris Grimly's FRANKENSTEIN; Book Review

By: Gris Grimly
Assembled from the original text by Mary Shelley
Published by: Epic Reads
Released on: 8/27/13
Source: book from publisher to review
Purchase it from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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Gris Grimly's Frankenstein is a twisted, fresh, and utterly original full-length, full-color graphic-novel adaptation of Mary Shelley's original text, brought to life by acclaimed illustrator Gris Grimly.

This is the first fully illustrated version to use the original 1818 text and is destined to capture the imagination of those new to the story as well as those who know it well.

New York Times bestselling illustrator Gris Grimly has long considered Frankenstein to be one of his chief inspirations. From the bones and flesh of the original, he has cut and stitched Mary Shelley's text to his own artwork, creating something entirely new: a stunningly original remix, both classic and contemporary, sinister and seductive, heart-stopping and heartbreaking.

Perfect for fans of Edgar Allan Poe and Neil Gaiman's Coraline.

The week of Halloween is that perfect time of year to pull out old favorite reads and check out some new ones. From wolves, vampires, and monsters, there are quite a few new releases this years that fans will enjoy reading. Today's review is for a new Frankenstein read. I'm a fan of Frankenstein. Some of the YA adaptations that have come from the classic story. I love the series The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, that Kenneth Oppel has written, and I even enjoyed a recent release, Hideous Love, which is about Mary Shelley. Both of these are fabulous adaptations. When I received this book, I was intrigued by it. I've never read anything of Gris's before, but I've heard good things about his work. This book, much like any other Frankenstein story has darker undertones and great themes in it, but this particular story didn't quite make the "I loved this book" grade with me.

Here's what I did like. As I mentioned above, I liked the themes in the story, I like that Frankenstein is seen as a slightly troubled, brilliantly minded character who after making his creation feels guilty for doing so, and in turn wants nothing to do with them. I liked his so called monster, and that Frankenstein's creation was a character I felt like I understood the motives behind his actions. I also liked some of the quotes in the book, and I liked how the story wrapped up. I liked feeling as though I understood both character's choices, and at times I felt both bad and hopeful for each one during various points of the story. I loved the hideous creation was a character I felt for.

What I didn't like was how the bulk of the story was told. I enjoyed the letter writing that starts the story off, but once the story is focused on the retelling I wasn't so much of a fan of how it was done. I felt some parts were a little less organized within the structure of the story. I get that this is a graphic novel, but some of the illustrations weren't my favorite. I think graphic novel fans are really going to dig the book's artwork. Over all, and this is where my classic side comes out, I personally don't feel classic stories and graphic novel illustrations go together. But, as I said before, I think graphic novel fans will enjoy this one. Over all it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Waiting on Wednesday: Fiery Hearts by Richelle Mead

Happy Waiting on Wednesday! I can't believe it's the end of October. You know what that means?! We're this much closer to THIS BOOK being released:

By: Richelle Mead
Published by: Razorbill/Penguin Teen
To Be Released on: 11/19/13
Series: Bloodlines #4
Pre-Order from here
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In The Indigo Spell, Sydney was torn between the Alchemist way of life and what her heart and gut were telling her to do. And in one breathtaking moment that Richelle Mead fans will never forget, she made a decision that shocked even her. . . 

But the struggle isn't over for Sydney. As she navigates the aftermath of her life-changing decision, she still finds herself pulled in too many directions at once. Her sister Zoe has arrived, and while Sydney longs to grow closer to her, there's still so much she must keep secret. Working with Marcus has changed the way she views the Alchemists, and Sydney must tread a careful path as she harnesses her profound magical ability to undermine the way of life she was raised to defend. Consumed by passion and vengeance, Sydney struggles to keep her secret life under wraps as the threat of exposure—and re-education—looms larger than ever.

Pulses will race throughout this thrilling fourth installment in the New York Times bestselling Bloodlines series, where no secret is safe.

I can not wait until November 19th rolls around and I can finally sit down and read this! READ CH. 1 HERE! What book are you waiting to get your hands on?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

INDIGO by Gina Linko, Blog Tour: Author Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway

Welcome to the final stop in the INDIGO blog tour. I'm thrilled to have author Gina Linko on the blog today. After you read my interview with her, check out a little bit about the book, read an exclusive excerpt from the book, and enter to win!!!

Hi Gina! Welcome to Mundie Moms. Which of the characters from Indigo would you have been friends with as a teen?  
Probably Mia-Joy.  She's a little crazy and lots of fun.  We probably all wish we had a friend like that.

Who was an authored that inspired you as a young reader?  Stephen King.  It's cliche.  Every writer loves him.  But it's true.  His writing speaks to me.  The rhythm of his writing feels so true, like home, to me, and his characters are always so real.  And as a young reader, I LOVED him because I saw in his books, normal people reflected back at me, living their normals lives --with a little bit of a speculative edge.  There would always be a little twist that seemed almost believable -- aliens, telekinesis, all kind of stuff that I love to read (and write) about.  And it would hit a little too close to home.  Because it felt like it could happen!  Isn't that always the scariest stuff?  

What's one piece of advice you'd give to an aspiring teen author?
 Read, read, read.  But don't think you only have to read the required reading list.  Read whatever you are interested in.  

Do you have a favorite place to write? If so, where is it?
I just sit very nerd-like at my dining room table with my laptop, Mabel.  (Isn't Mabel a nice, dependable name for a computer?)

What's one book you've read as a adult that you wish you had, had as a teen?  
There are so many of them.  Tons of YA, for sure.  Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty.  For me, that's a YA masterpiece.  Great writing, blending genres.  YA as literature.  Just really well written.  And also, I have to say The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer.  This is hands-down my favorite book of all time (for now at least-- haha) and the writing in it is just perfect.  I LOVE her writing: the turns of phrase, the attention to the characters' motivations, the importance given to love in its many forms.  This book makes me want to be a better writer, and I wish I had read it sooner.  

About The Book

A gift?

A curse?

A moment that changes everything. . . .

Caught in an unexpected spring squall, Corrine's first instinct is to protect her little sister Sophie after a nasty fall. But when Corrine reaches out to comfort her sister, the exact opposite occurs. Her touch--charged with an otherworldly force and bursting with blinding indigo color--surges violently from Corrine to her sister. In an instant, Sophie is dead. From that moment on, Corrine convinces herself that everyone would be better off if she simply withdrew from life.

When her family abruptly moves to New Orleans, Corrine's withdrawal is made all the easier. No friends. No connections. No chance of hurting anyone. But strange things continue to happen around her in this haunting,  mystical city. And she realizes that her power cannot be ignored, especially when Rennick, a talented local artist with a bad-boy past, suggests another possibility: Corrine might have the touch. An ability to heal those around her. But knowing what happened to her sister, can Corrine trust her gift?
Released on October 22nd, 2013 from Random House, you can pick up INDIGO from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble or purchase it from Random House.

Read an excerpt from the book:
He turned, and, again, he closed the distance between us.  I tipped my face up toward his.  In the moonlight, his eyes shone, glittered.  “I want to kiss you,” he whispered, leaning in toward me, his lips an inch from my ear.  “I know you aren’t ready.  But I just wanted you to know.”   And his voice was music, the notes playing down the skin of my neck.  I closed my eyes, and I leaned in, let his breath play over me.
“A lot has changed,” I said, finally, opening my eyes.  “The bugs, the crayfish.  I –“
“Between us,” he said, and he was looking at me so intently.  My eyes had adjusted, and I could see that worry line in his brow.  I could see the want in his eyes.  “I can keep from touching you,” he said.  “And I will.  Still,” he said, swallowing, “I just needed you to know that I don’t want to stop myself.”  I watched the silhouette of his Adam’s apple in the moonlight, transfixed.  “You can’t hurt me, Corrine.”  He tipped my head back up to him, and I let him, met his eyes.  “You didn’t kill Sophie.”  I looked away, took a step back.  “Don’t do that,” he said.  “Don’t leave.”  
“I was there,” I answered.  “I know what happened.”
“But you tried to help Seth.  You must believe it on some level.”
I nodded.  “It’s …” I couldn’t really explain it. “It’s hard to give it up.”
He leaned closer again, and I let him. Again. His breath was on my neck, and then his hand was on the small of my back.  He pulled me to him, and I let him.  I melted into him, my body against his.  
The warmth, the comfort of being held.  My throat closed against the emotion of it.  
“Corrine,” he breathed into my hair.  “Corrine, please, don’t push me away.”
“Rennick,” I began to protest, but I inhaled against his t-shirt, and then I just sighed, let myself relax into him.  I let him hold me, his chin resting on top of my head, my hands still balled in my pockets.  I listened to the rhythm of his heart beat.  Da, dum.  Da, dum.  And I thought it would be perfectly okay if I never moved again.
“Corrine,” he whispered, his words shivering down my neck, his hands tracing the knobs of my spine.  “Corrine, touch me.” His voice was low, soothing.  “Believe this is okay.”
“I can’t,” I said, and after a long moment, I pulled away.  He was right.  I was on the precipice. I was.  But I wasn’t ready.
“Why?” he asked.  And he looked hurt.  “You saw what you did today.  You know –“
“I’m scared,” I said.  And this was the simplest way I could explain it.  His eyes were not mad, not angry.  But there were other things there.  Longing.  Frustration.  Worry.
I turned, and I ran back up the porch.  Things had changed, but not changed.  Things were better, but not better.  
Check out the book trailer!

About Gina

Gina Linko has a graduate degree in creative writing from DePaul University and lives outside Chicago with her husband and three children. Gina teaches college English part-time, but her real passion is sitting down at a blank computer screen and asking herself the question, "What if...?"
You can find Gina via her Blog | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

The Giveaway
Thank you to Gina, followers of the blog tour can enter to win an amazing prize pack! The 1st winner will win a KINDLE FIRE! The 2nd winner will SIGNED copies of both Flutter & Indigo from Gina! Fill out the form below to enter to win!

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City of Heavenly Fire Soundtrack!

Cassie treated fans to the City of Heavenly Fire soundtrack yesterday. We all know, Cassie's soundtracks always have a meaning. Yes, interrupt that how you'd like. *evil laugh* I'm sure by now Cassie has perfected that evil laugh.

Check out the playlist below per Cassie's post here:
City of Heavenly Fire Soundtrack
So in honor of my having finished City of Heavenly Fire (the first draft anyway!) I thought I would post the soundtrack. I listened to these songs on endless repeat while I was writing. All the lyrics have some sort of connection, at least in my weird little mind, to the story.
"I’m Sorry I Love You" by the Magnetic Fields
A single rose in your garden dwells
Like any rose it’s not itself
It is my love in your garden grows
but let’s pretend it’s just a rose
Well I’m sorry that I love you
It’s a phase that I’m going through
There is nothing that I can do
and I’m sorry that I love you
Do not listen to my song
Don’t remember it, don’t sing along
Let’s pretend it’s a work of art
Let’s pretend it’s not my heart.
The rose will fade when summer’s gone
The song will fade and I’ll be gone
because my heart is dying too
and it’s all the same to you.
Ryan Star “Losing your Memory”
Call all your friends 
And tell them you’re never coming back 
Cause this is the end 
Pretend that you want it 
Don’t react The damage is done 
The police are coming too slow now
I would have died
I would have loved you all my life.
Airborne Toxic Event, “Timeless”
Just help me through this moment
After everything I told you
How the weight of their loss is like the weight of the sun.
I see their faces near me,
I hear their voices calling,
It was like their lives were over before they begun.
"Us Ones In Between" by Sunset Rubdown
And I’ve heard of pious men
And I’ve heard of dirty fiends
But you don’t often hear
Of us ones in between…
And in the darkness I taught myself to hate.
But where were you, oh where were you?
And where the f*** did the sun go?
Ingrid Michaelson, “Breakable”
Have you ever thought about what protects our hearts?
Just a cage of rib bones and other various parts.
So it’s fairly simple to cut right through the mess,
And to stop the muscle that makes us confess.
And we are so fragile,
And our cracking bones make noise,
And we are just,
Breakable, breakable, breakable girls and boys.
"Epic Last Song" by Does It Offend You, Yeah
I called today but missed you again
Today’s the day I go up in flames
I sent the money to you, my dear
Today’s the day I burn away
I say baby, babe I’ve loved you a long time
"Samson" by Regina Spektor
You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the stars came fallin’ on our heads
But they’re just old light, they’re just old light
"Control" by Garbage
The world might end,
The night might fall.
Rain on down and cover us all,
And drown us with the burdens of our sins.
Maybe I’ll look you in the eye,
Tell you, you don’t wanna die.
Maybe I’ll hold my breath and jump right in.
"Orange Sky" Alexei Murdoch
And I had a dream
I stood beneath an orange sky
With my sister standing by
I said, “Sister, here is what I know now
In your love, my salvation lies.”
"Your Ex-Lover is Dead" by Stars
This scar is a fleck on my porcelain skin
Tried to reach deep but you couldn’t get in
Now you’re outside me
You see all the beauty
Repent all your sin
"Daughter" by Youth
And if you’re in love, then you are the lucky one,
'Cause most of us are bitter over someone.
Setting fire to our insides for fun,
To distract our hearts from ever missing them.
But I’m forever missing him.
"Upward Over the Mountain" by Iron and Wine
Mother remember being so stern with that girl who was with me
Mother remember the blink of an eye when I breathed through your body
So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten
Sons are like birds flying upwards over the mountain
Mother I made it up from the bruise on the floor of this prison
Mother I lost it all in the fear of the Lord I was given
Mother forget me now that the creek drank the cradle you sang to
So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten
Sons can be birds taken broken up to the mountain.
Greg Laswell, “Goodbye”
Then lonely lay the day
I can’t remember you at all
And it’s not easy to say that day
Has already come and gone
And all that remains is a place
Where you no longer are
One day I won’t regret this
Oh how I want to believe that’s true
Once I pick up the parts I broke on you
I’ll get used to the idea
It’s not you.
"Sorrow," The National
Sorrow is my body on the waves
Sorrow is a girl inside my cage
I live in a city sorrow built
It’s in my honey, it’s in my milk.
It’s only half my heart alone,
On the water,
Cover me in rags and bones, sympathy.
'Cause I don't wanna get over you.
I don’t wanna get over you.
Bright Eyes, “A Perfect Sonnet”
We’re singing, I believe that lovers should be chained together
And thrown into a fire with their songs and letters
And left there to burn
Left there to burn in their arrogance
But as for me I’m coming to my final failure
I’ve killed myself with changes trying to make things better
But I ended up becoming something other than what I had planned to be
Now I believe that lovers should be draped in flowers
And laid entwined together on a bed of clover
And left there to sleep.
Left there to dream of their happiness.
Nick Cave “The Ship Song”
We talk about it all night long
We define our moral ground
But when I crawl into your arms
Everything, it comes tumbling down

Come sail your ships around me
And burn your bridges down
We make a little history, baby
Every time you come around

Your face has fallen sad now
For you know the time is nigh
When I must remove your wings
And you, you must try to fly.
Interpret away! :->
Right now, I kind of want Sebastian to burn this playlist.... Ex-Lover is dead? Sorrow? Goodbye? Dear Cassie, if you're trying to kill me before your book is even in my hands, you've succeeded. LOL

Simon Teen's The Shadhunters' Codex Giveaway!

Check it out! Simon Teen is celebrating today's The Shadowhunters' Codex release with a giveaway! Check it out here and enter HERE!

Don't miss all the sneak peaks Simon Teen has shared with fans here. Order your copy today!

The Shadowhunters' Codex: Final Teaser

It's OUT! The Shadowhunters' Codex hits stores today and Simon Teen posted their last Shadowhunters' Codex teaser today.

Check out the previous sneak peaks HERE

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Catching Fire Exclusive Final Movie Trailer

Check it out! The exclusive FINAL Catching Fire movie trailer! Only a few more weeks!

Dead Set by Richard Kadrey, Blog Tour: Author Interview & Giveaway

Welcome to the first stop in the Mundie Girls Blog Tours book tour for Richard Kadrey's Dead Set. I'm thrilled to be kicking off the tour and to have Richard himself here on Mundie Moms. 

Welcome to Mundie Moms Richard. How would you describe Dead Set in 5 words or less?
A punk Wizard of Oz.

What do you admire the most about your character Zoe?
I admire her bravery in the face of terrible danger and overwhelming odds. Zoe is scared a lot in Dead Set and has the opportunity to run away, she doesn’t do it. She stands up for the people she cares about.

What do you feel is one of your greatest accomplishments as an author?
Getting my first book published. It’s the big hurdle in every writer’s life, at least if you want to try and make your living through writing. I worked very hard on Metrophage, my first novel, but I got lucky too. Those two things often go together in building a career. Hard work is something you do all the time, but luck plays a part in things, whether it’s luck in getting the right editor or having your book come out at the right time. Any successful writer who doesn’t admit that she or he hasn’t had a little luck along the way is lying.

What is one of your favorite books from childhood?
Tales of Mystery and Suspense by Edgar Allan Poe. It was my introduction to Poe, and while I was too young to understand all his work, it showed me a whole new world of imagination and storytelling possibilities.

Can you tell us what you're currently working on now?
I’m working on The Getaway God, the sixth book in my Sandman Slim series. It’s the book that ends the current long story arc, dealing with the return of old gods that used to rule this universe. Stark and others are trying to stop them and have the weapon to do it, but the only person who knows how to use it is a mad killer who isn’t all that interested in giving up the weapon’s secrets.

Thank you Richard for stopping by today. Find out more about Richard's newest release, and enter to win below. 

About the Book

After her father’s funeral, Zoe and her mother moved to the Big City to start over. But life’s not so easy, the money is tight, and a new school brings trials. Fortunately, she has an escape: her dreams. A world of freedom and solace removed from the loneliness and anxieties of real life, Zoe's dreamscape offers another, more precious, gift: It is the only place where she can spend time with her closest companion — her lost brother Valentine.

Yet something is very wrong. An unfamliar — and univited — presence has entered her private realm to threaten Zoe and Valentine, a disturbing turn of events that is compounded by an impossible discovery. A chance encounter at a used record store where the grooves of the vinyl discs hold not music, but lost souls, has opened up a portal to the world of the restless dead. Now, the shop’s strange proprietor is offering Zoe the chance to commune with the father whose passing took a piece of her heart. The price? A lock of hair. Then a tooth. Then...

How far into this eerie world will Zoe go to discover what she truly needs? And once she does, will there be enough left of her to come back

Pick the book up via Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Richard Kadrey is a freelance writer living in San Francisco. He is the author of dozens of stories, plus ten novels, including Sandman Slim, Kill the Dead, Aloha from Hell, Devil Said Bang, Kill City Blues, Metrophage and Butcher Bird. His Wired magazine cover story, Carbon Copy, was made into one of the worst movies of 2001. It starred Bridget Fonda. Sorry, Bridget.
He has been immortalized as an action figure. “Kadray: The Invincible Wizard” was a villain in an episode of the Blackstar animated TV series. Kadrey created and wrote the Vertigo comics mini-series ACCELERATE, which was illustrated by the Pander Brothers. He plans to do more comic work in the near future.
He has written and spoken about art, culture and technology for Wired, The San Francisco Chronicle, Discovery Online, The Site, SXSW and Wired For Sex on the G4 cable network. Richard has no qualifications for anything he does.
Find Richard via: his website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Goo dreads

The Giveaway
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YALLFest Author Interview: Jocelyn Davies

It's about that time of year when fans start gearing up for one of the biggest book festivals in the nation, and the biggest in the south, YALL FEST (follow them on Twitter)! This year over 40 YA authors will  be there including Veronica Roth!

To prepare fans for the big event, we're among a group of bloggers who will be featuring authors and sharing author interviews. You can see some of the ones we've already posted here. Today we're featuring Jocelyn Davies!

What one thing do you need to have when you write?
COFFEE! And a cocoon of silence.
Describe your book in 5 words
Girl has angel blood, torn.
What is the hardest line to write- the first or the last?
It differs from book to book--really, it's anyone's guess! Sometimes, the first line is hardest, because I'm just getting started and I'm not warmed up yet, and by the time I get to the end, I've got the momentum of an entire book to propel me into that last line. Then again, sometimes a first line just pops into my head, and the whole idea unfolds from there. Theres usually no way to know what is going to happen until it's happening, which is often the approach I take to writing.
Best writing tip you ever received?
“Create interesting characters, give them an excuse to meet, and the story will write itself.”
Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.
I'm a dog person--cats kind of freak me out.
I was a theater kid in high school. I used to dream of being an Oscar-winning actress.
I love everything about autumn.
I live a few blocks away from my best friend from high school.
In my day job, I'm also a children's book editor.
What is your favorite genre to write in? To Read?
I love magical realism—a novel that's set in the real world, but ever-so-slightly different.
At what point in the development of an idea do you know that it will become a full-length novel?
I usually have a pretty strong sense right from the moment the idea comes to me. I start writing knowing I’m embarking on a novel.
Find out more about Jocelyn and her books here.
Check out Jocelyn's A Beautiful Dark series

Mundane Monday #196: Jem & Tessa

Artwork found here

I don't know why, but I'm on an Infernal Devices kick lately. I'm missing Will, Tessa Jem. Last Monday I featured Will and Tessa, today's feature is Jem and Tessa (just for you Sophie).

".......Our hearts, they need a mirror, Tessa. We see our better selves in the eyes of those who love us. And there is a beauty that brevity alone provides."
He dropped his gaze, then raised it to her. "I would give you everything of myself," he said.
"I would give you more in two weeks than most men would give you in a lifetime."

- Jem, Clockwork Princess 

The Shadowhunters' Codex Sneak Peak: #14 Chairmen Meow / #15 A History of the Nephilim about Raziel & The Mortal Instruments

Only one more day till The Shadowhunters' Codex hit stores! Check out today's and yesterday's sneak peaks from Simon Teen.

Sneak Peak #14: Chairman Meow

Sneak Peak #15A History of the Nephilim about Raziel & The Mortal Instruments

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