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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cassandra Clare Answers Fan Questions

Cassie has recently took to Tumblr to answer a variety of questions from fans about touring, writing and more. Here's a recap of her recent Q&A posts:

On Touring
Hey Cassie! I’m not sure how far in advance authors get their tour schedules or anything, but you don’t seem to post a lot about where you’ll be and when! My friends and I would really like to know if you’ll be coming to England any time soon, so if you are please please please post about it on Tumblr or Twitter or anything! Thank you. :) — i-want-a-new-url
If I was, I would definitely post about it. :)
Usually we get our tour schedules one to two months ahead of the tour. Since I won’t be going anywhere in the next one to two months (aside from the signing I have this Saturday in Florence, which I posted about two weeks ago because that’s when I knew about it ) I don’t have anything to post.
I often get asked if I “plan to visit” places like the UK or Brazil or the Philippines. The short answer is that I would like to go to all those places (and I have signed in the UK every year since 2008) but international tours do not simply happen because authors are like, “I want to go to Brazil!” You have to be invited, usually by your publisher or a book festival, because someone has to actually sponsor the cost of your trip as well as arrange for you to have a place to sign. Sometimes, rarely, I’ll be in a place anyway (like I am in Italy now) and the publisher can arrange something, but sometimes they can’t.
I’m also going to try to cut down on my traveling a lot because what with traveling all over for the movie and touring for Clockwork Princess this year, I am exhausted. I already had pneumonia twice, and I haven’t seen my house since July. I figure when I am dead, I will not be much use to anyone, so I try to prioritize health and sanity!
I will certainly tour for City of Heavenly Fire in the US. They’ve just started working that out now. I will also very likely be doing signings in the UK next year because I will be living in the UK for six months doing research for TLH and writing, so, convenient. But I have no details and won’t until I would guess next March at the earliest.
It is very sweet when people say things like “Come to here!” and “Come to there!” but given the complexities of international touring it doesn’t really work like that. I’ve toured Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, Italy and France and I hope to go many more places, but it will probably be over a period of time. So I don’t have any answer to questions like “Will you come to Argentina?” because I have no idea right now. But rest assured I will post about it when I do go. Usually we try not to keep our tour events secret because it is a bummer if no one shows up. :)

The Dark Artifices Series
I guess you could say I’m new to the fandom. I started TMI in August and now I’m reading TID. I absolutely cannot wait for CoHF to come out. Is there really going to be The Dark Artifices series? — imperfectlyme17

There really is. I’m already working on the first book, Lady Midnight (while also editing City of Heavenly Fire — no rest for the wicked.) You will meet Emma and the Blackthorn family in City of Heavenly Fire (Julian made his first appearance in City of Lost Souls) and hopefully get a sense of the relationships between them, and the situation created by the circumstances in City of Heavenly Fire that will resolve through the plot of TDA. I had a lot of fun introduced Emma and Jules, Mark and Ty and Livvy and the rest, and I hope you like them, too.

I have a question. Is it possible to have more than one parabatai? Everything to do with James Herondale is confusing me right now. If you do answer this, thank you so much for taking the time to do so! — clockworkwords
James, you conundrum, you.
You can only ever have one parabatai. You pick them before you’re eighteen, and you are stuck with them forever unless death, exile, one of you becoming a mundane, or one of you becoming a Downworlder or Iron Sister or Silent Brother parts you. In other words, you are parted by massive transformative changes that alter the person you are.
You cannot then find another parabatai. You’re out of the game. You had the one, and you have to learn to live without them. The Law is hard, but it is the Law.
You can be parabatai with  someone unrelated to you, or with a family member, a brother or sister or cousin. Parabataican be any gender mix. You can’t fall in love with them, and you can’t marry them. You’re not really supposed to hook up with them either but if I had a nickel for everyone who ever broke that rule I’d have a swimming pool full of nickels and I could roll around in it like Scrooge McDuck.
Clockwork Princess

So I’m curious if Jem is meant to be off travelling the world  in 2008 how does he turn up as brother Zachariah to help jace with the heavenly fire ?! Also would you ever write a series in between TID and tmi?! — melissaelizabethsarson
I would indeed write a series in between TID and TMI, and plan to. Right now it is only known as TLH because I am contrarian. But here is everything about it.
As for the previous question, I think people often forget the City of books take place in 2007. The epilogue of CP2 takes place after City of Lost Souls and quite possibly entirely after City of Heavenly Fire. I shall resurrect Ye Olde Timeline for assistance:
"Hey Cassie! I’ve read all the TID and TMI books but the whole [redacted] Brother Zachariah thing confuses me a little bit still. What confuses me is the whole time span of it all with respect to the TMI books. Can you clear that up? (And also I can’t remember what TMI books he did appear in). —…
I had to redact a bunch of this ask’s spoilery bits but I think I managed — in essence, I’ve gotten a lot of asks about where the epilogue of Clockwork Princess fits into the timeline of TMI.
Here’s the basic timeline of the TMI books:
CoB: takes place in August 2007, the year the book was published.
CoA: begins in very early September 2007-  a few days to a week after CoB ends. 
CoG: begins in September, about 1 week after CoA ends. The whole book takes place in 1.5-2 weeks. It is mentioned that the leaves on trees are beginning to turn fall colors.
CoFA: begins in Mid-October (Halloween decorations are up, Simon mentions the month) and ends around the third or fourth week of October. In CoFA, it is also mentioned that Clary has been training to fight demons for 7 weeks.
CoLS: The prologue is set in late October. The first chapter begins two weeks later, in the 2nd week of November.
October had 5 weeks in 2007. Here’s a link to a 2007 calendar:
The Clockwork Princess prologue takes place in 2008.
We don’t know when in 2008, but we do know enough to know it takes place after the events of City of Lost Souls. It is either during or after the events of City of Heavenly Fire
As for Bro Z, he appears in City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls. It is explained in City of Fallen Angels that he was among the few Silent Brothers who was not in the Silent City when Valentine attacked, and therefore survived.
So yes, basically, the epilogue of Clockwork Princess takes place in the future of the characters in City of Lost Souls. You can search it for clues about Heavenly Fire if you want. :)

*edited to include a post Cassie posted this evening* Faeries & Parabatai

Hello there. I have three questions actually, very short ones. One. Will CoHF have an epilogue like CP2 had? Two. Can you be parabatai with your brother or sister? And three. There will be any important fairy characters in TDA? I would really liek to see one. Sorry for any writting mistake. I can’t wait to read CoHF — gabriel-herondale
1) City of Heavenly Fire has both a prologue and an epilogue. The epilogue is set some time after the main action.
3) Yes, there are important faerie characters in TDA. Mark and Helen Blackthorn are both half faerie and that has bearing on the plot of both COHF and TDA.

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