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Monday, October 14, 2013

Cassandra Clare on Jace

Cassie on Jace:

Hi Cassie, I just had to write a short note to tell you that I love your books and can’t wait for COHF! I’ve passed the books on to my 67 year old dad who also loves them:) ( though for some reason that I don’t understand he hates Jace!) Thanks for hours of entertainment :) All the best, Briona. — breeza80
Dads hate Jace. He is exactly the guy they do not want their teenage daughter dating. Jace has good manners, when he chooses to use them, but often (especially early on) he does not choose to use them. Dads are like “This guy will try to get my teenage daughter on a motorcycle,” plus the whole thing where he introduces her to a world of danger and excitement and she becomes someone who never comes home from curfew. Also they assume she will try to get into Jace’s pants, which is very upsetting from a parental viewpoint.
I learned these things from my own father, who also dislikes Jace. My father believes all literature and stories are divided into “good daughter stories” and “bad daughter stories.” For instance, His Dark Materials is a bad daughter story. (My dad also thinks that the more dogs there are in a painting, the better the painting is.)
Recently, my dad wrote me this letter:
"Dear Cassie: Thank you for the Space Commander piggy bank. I have pennies all over the place and now I have a cool thing to put them into. What a great daughter.
By contrast, Kate and I are watching DVDs of 24. We started season 2 and now are working on season 1. It is a wonderful bad daughter story. Jack Bauer’s bad daughter Kim is always being kidnapped, sometimes more than once in an episode! What a great story.”
This probably explains something about me, and why even though in actual life I am attracted to kindly dark-haired boys in glasses, I choose to write about characters like Jace. You never get too old to want to annoy your parents.

LOL I love Cassie's response. This is a topic Sophie & I have talked about quite a bit. While we both love Jace, there is no way in Idris would we allow our daughters to date someone like him, and it's for many of the reasons Cassie listed above.