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Monday, October 28, 2013

Dead Set by Richard Kadrey, Blog Tour: Author Interview & Giveaway

Welcome to the first stop in the Mundie Girls Blog Tours book tour for Richard Kadrey's Dead Set. I'm thrilled to be kicking off the tour and to have Richard himself here on Mundie Moms. 

Welcome to Mundie Moms Richard. How would you describe Dead Set in 5 words or less?
A punk Wizard of Oz.

What do you admire the most about your character Zoe?
I admire her bravery in the face of terrible danger and overwhelming odds. Zoe is scared a lot in Dead Set and has the opportunity to run away, she doesn’t do it. She stands up for the people she cares about.

What do you feel is one of your greatest accomplishments as an author?
Getting my first book published. It’s the big hurdle in every writer’s life, at least if you want to try and make your living through writing. I worked very hard on Metrophage, my first novel, but I got lucky too. Those two things often go together in building a career. Hard work is something you do all the time, but luck plays a part in things, whether it’s luck in getting the right editor or having your book come out at the right time. Any successful writer who doesn’t admit that she or he hasn’t had a little luck along the way is lying.

What is one of your favorite books from childhood?
Tales of Mystery and Suspense by Edgar Allan Poe. It was my introduction to Poe, and while I was too young to understand all his work, it showed me a whole new world of imagination and storytelling possibilities.

Can you tell us what you're currently working on now?
I’m working on The Getaway God, the sixth book in my Sandman Slim series. It’s the book that ends the current long story arc, dealing with the return of old gods that used to rule this universe. Stark and others are trying to stop them and have the weapon to do it, but the only person who knows how to use it is a mad killer who isn’t all that interested in giving up the weapon’s secrets.

Thank you Richard for stopping by today. Find out more about Richard's newest release, and enter to win below. 

About the Book

After her father’s funeral, Zoe and her mother moved to the Big City to start over. But life’s not so easy, the money is tight, and a new school brings trials. Fortunately, she has an escape: her dreams. A world of freedom and solace removed from the loneliness and anxieties of real life, Zoe's dreamscape offers another, more precious, gift: It is the only place where she can spend time with her closest companion — her lost brother Valentine.

Yet something is very wrong. An unfamliar — and univited — presence has entered her private realm to threaten Zoe and Valentine, a disturbing turn of events that is compounded by an impossible discovery. A chance encounter at a used record store where the grooves of the vinyl discs hold not music, but lost souls, has opened up a portal to the world of the restless dead. Now, the shop’s strange proprietor is offering Zoe the chance to commune with the father whose passing took a piece of her heart. The price? A lock of hair. Then a tooth. Then...

How far into this eerie world will Zoe go to discover what she truly needs? And once she does, will there be enough left of her to come back

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Richard Kadrey is a freelance writer living in San Francisco. He is the author of dozens of stories, plus ten novels, including Sandman Slim, Kill the Dead, Aloha from Hell, Devil Said Bang, Kill City Blues, Metrophage and Butcher Bird. His Wired magazine cover story, Carbon Copy, was made into one of the worst movies of 2001. It starred Bridget Fonda. Sorry, Bridget.
He has been immortalized as an action figure. “Kadray: The Invincible Wizard” was a villain in an episode of the Blackstar animated TV series. Kadrey created and wrote the Vertigo comics mini-series ACCELERATE, which was illustrated by the Pander Brothers. He plans to do more comic work in the near future.
He has written and spoken about art, culture and technology for Wired, The San Francisco Chronicle, Discovery Online, The Site, SXSW and Wired For Sex on the G4 cable network. Richard has no qualifications for anything he does.
Find Richard via: his website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Goo dreads

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  1. Great author. I have read all the sandman slim series. Look forward to Dead Set.

  2. From Metrophage to Sandman Slim he keeps the reader tumbling down his bizarre rabbit hole. Can't wait to see his new approach and story with Dead Set.

  3. It sounds interesting and like it would be a fun read.