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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yay for Surgery .........

Heavy on the sarcasm with the YAY for surgery part. Normally I don't post personal posts here on MMs, but I've felt the need to 1) publicly say I'm sorry for not posting more here on the blog, 2) let you y'all know I'll be MIA for a few days because of my surgery. Thankfully I've got Erin, Sophie & Em who will keep you guys up to date with the latest Cassie news and books news. I'm so behind on posting reviews and such. This year has been a little crazy. I've had some health issues, and so has my daughter, not to mention everything else going on. Today I'm having surgery done. I have to have a full hysterectomy done. So, I will MIA for the next few days. One of the perks of the surgery is a two week taking it easy recovery. I'm not someone who likes being down, but I'm looking forward to catching up on all sorts of things while being "in bed", like reading. I've got a ton of reviews, and long over due giveaways will be posting over the next two weeks, and our end of year top reads.

Talk to you guys in a few days! :D


  1. Hope the op goes well for you and you feel better soon :)

  2. Sending lots of healing thoughts and gentle hugs your way <3

  3. Good luck with the surgery and take the time you need to rest. No problem with cutting back on the blogging. I can't believe all that you do. We all need to take breaks and understand when you need to.. Hope you get lots of rest and relaxing reading these next 2 weeks.

  4. Thinking of you and saying a prayer! It'll all be fine!

  5. Praying your surgery and recovery goes well Katie. Enjoy your reading in bed time!