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Friday, January 11, 2013

JUST ONE DAY 24 Hour Read-A-Thon

Happy Friday! Tonight is the kick off of Penguin Teen's Just One Day 24 hour Read A Long to celebrate the release of Gayle Forman's newest release. Check out all the info below and join us TWITTER for the party kicking off at 5 pm EST. 

Was any book MORE perfect for a 24-hour read than Gayle Forman’s new novel, JUST ONE DAY? I will answer my question with an answer: No! JUST ONE DAY is the best book to read in just one day, not only because of the title, or because main characters Allyson and Willem spend one perfect day together in Paris, but because once you start reading it you won’t be able to stop! You’ll want to curl up on your couch with a cafe au lait and read until the final page to find out what happens to Allyson and her sexy Dutch paramour. Don’t believe me? Read the first 9 chapters of JUST ONE DAY here.
JUST ONE DAY comes out on January 8, so be sure to get your copy by Friday. Why? Because we’re going to read JUST ONE DAY in just one day, and you’re invited! From 5:00 PM Eastern on Friday, January 11th till 5:00 PM Eastern on Saturday, January 12th, join the JUST ONE DAY 24-hour read on Twitter. How you can participate:
  • Tweet your progress with the hashtag #JustOneDay!
  • Follow the #JustOneDay hashtag to see where other people are in the book, squeal with delight, discuss theories, talk about the places Allyson and Willem travel to—whatever you want! Everything is free game!
  • Chat with author Gayle Forman using the #JustOneDay hashtag at 7:00 PM on January 12th. Ask her questions about writing and travel, or just beg her for JUST ONE YEAR spoilers (JUST ONE YEAR, Willem’s side of the story, comes out in Fall 2013)!
  • Use #JustOneDay to enter to win prizes from @PenguinTeen!
It’s the next best thing to a trip to Paris. :)

Special Content - Becoming Sebastian Verlac

Me, Myself and That Guy by Rikakio
And just posted today on Cassie's tumblr is "Becoming Sebastian"; the third of four special content installments from editions of City of Lost Souls. This takes place in City of Glass.


It was a very small bar, on a narrow sloping street in a walled town full of shadows. Jonathan Morgenstern had been sitting at the bar for at least a quarter of an hour, finishing a leisurely drink, before he got to his feet and slipped down the long, rickety flight of wooden stairs to the club. The sound of the music seemed to be trying to push its way up through the steps as he made his way downward: he could feel the wood vibrating under his feet.

The place was filled with writhing bodies and obscuring smoke. It was the kind of place demons prowled. That made it the kind of place that demon hunters frequented. And an ideal location for someone who was hunting a demon hunter.

Colored smoke drifted through the air, smelling vaguely acidic. There were long mirrors all along the walls of the club. He could see himself as he moved across the room. A slender figure in black, with his father’s hair, white as snow. It was humid down here in the club, airless and hot, and his t-shirt was stuck to his back with sweat. A silver ring glittered on his right hand as he scanned the room for his prey. There he was, at the bar, as if he was trying to blend in with the mundanes even though he was invisible to them.

A boy. Maybe seventeen.

A Shadowhunter.

Sebastian Verlac.

Jonathan ordinarily had little interest in anyone his own age — if there was anything duller than other people, it was other adolescents — but Sebastian Verlac was different. Jonathan had chosen him, carefully and specifically. Chosen him the way one might choose an expensive and custom-tailored suit.

Jonathan strolled over to him, taking his time and taking the boy’s measure. He had seen photographs, of course, but people always looked different in person. Sebastian was tall — the same height as Jonathan himself, and with the same slender build. His clothes looked like they would fit Jonathan perfectly. His hair was dark — Jonathan would have to dye his own, which was annoying, but not impossible. His eyes were black, too, and his features, though irregular, came together pleasingly: he had a friendly charisma that was attractive. He looked like it was easy for him to trust, easy to smile.

He looked like a fool.

Jonathan came up to the bar and leaned against it. He turned his head, allowing the other boy to recognize that he could see him. “Bonjour.”

“Hello,” Sebastian replied, in English, the language of Idris, though his was tinged faintly with a French accent. His eyes were narrow. He looked very startled to be seen at all, and as if he was wondering what Sebastian might be: fellow Shadowhunter, or a warlock with a sign that didn’t show?

Something wicked this way comes, Jonathan thought. And you don’t even know it.
Oh man, Jonathan...he just gives me the chills. So, so, so unforgivably wicked. You may read the entire story on Cassie's tumblr.

Special Content - The Act of Fallling (The Alleyway Scene from Jace's POV)

DSAS by jeminafox (based on VLC Photo book trailer)
Okay, some of us may own this special edition because, umm yeah, Jace's POV.  Yes, Cassie is releasing more of the special content in City of Lost Souls special editions. This is Jace's POV in the infamous Dirty Sexy Alley Scene in City of Fallen Angels. Here's a snippet:

The Act of Falling

“Because I can’t talk to you,” Jace said. “I can’t talk to you, I can’t be with you, I can’t even look at you.” —City of Fallen Angels

Jace will never forget the look on Clary’s face after he says it. Shock at first, blanching into pain.

He has hurt her before, never because he wanted to, though he had lashed out in his own blindness. The time she walked in on him kissing Aline and he said every awful thing he could think of as if the mere words themselves might have the power to make her disappear, to send her back where she was safe.

He has always cared more about whether she was safe than anything else. If he didn’t, none of this would be happening. Jace wonders if she can see it in his eyes, that terror, the shards of all those dozens of dreams in which he stabbed her or choked her or drowned her and looked down at his hands afterward, wet with her blood. She backs up a step. There is something in her face, but it isn’t fear. It’s infinitely worse. She turns, almost tripping in her haste to get away, and rushes out of the club.

For a moment he stands and looks after her. This is exactly what he wanted, a part of his mind screams at him. To drive her away. To keep her safe, away from him. But the rest of his mind is watching the door slam behind her and seeing the final ruin of all his dreams. It was one thing to push it to this point. It is another to let go forever. Because he knows Clary, and if she goes now, she will not ever come back.

Come back.

Somehow he is outside the club and the rain is pelting down like gunfire. He sees everything in a single sweep, the way he always has, the way he was trained to do. The white van at the curb, the slant of the street as it curves back toward Greenpoint, the dark opening of an alley behind the bar, and Clary at the corner, about to cross the street and walk out of his life forever.
If you'd like to read all of it (and which Mundie Mom wouldn't?), click on over to Cassie's tumblr and say it with us, "Oh, Jace..."