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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twitter Tuesday - Cassie and Comic-Con

So, no news on cast tours and premieres BUT Cassie just tweeted a few minutes ago that she and the cast are going to be at Comic-Con.

Who's going, Mundie Moms??

The Bane Chronicles: The Runaway Queen Gets a Narrartor

It's an exciting in the TMI fandom. First we get the debut of the international TMI Movie trailer (some of us are most likely watching it from the 100th time or 101th if you're still counting), AND Cassie has shared this exciting news!!! George Blagden will be narrating the Bane Chronicles #2: The Runaway Queen. Here's what Cassie posted:

“The latest installment in “The Bane Chronicles” was co-written by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson, as a companion series of stories to the bestselling “Infernal Devices.” And with “The Runaway Queen” debuting May 21, it shouldn’t be long before we can hear it as its creators almost certainly intended: in the delicious baritone voice of a sexy, sexy man.”
Hollywood Crush, you understand us so well.
When Sarah and were at Wondercon (Sarah accompanying me for moral support) the green room had tables of food (why, who knows, no one in entertainment eats) marked FOR SONY ONLY DO NOT TOUCH and FOR VIKINGS ONLY DO NOT TOUCH. Yes, for Vikings. We were confused.
Me: Sarah, do not touch the sandwiches on that table, Vikings will kill you.
Official-looking lady: That means the History Channel show Vikings.
Me: No, I’m pretty sure it’s real Vikings.
Up pops a cute-looking lad in a striped shirt. “I am a Viking! Of sorts.”
Sarah: I really enjoyed your work in Les Mis!
Me: I have no idea what is happening, but when do I ever.
Stripey lad turned out to be George Blagden, who was very nice, and off I went and watched Les Mis, and indeed, he was very fine in it, and when it came time to cast Runaway Queen and I began to think about dramatic times in France, I thought of him. Partly because he seems very talented and partly because he was stuck in a service elevator with me and Sarah and no one should have to go through that.
I know this has little chance of peeling everyone away from the international trailer but — George! is! awesome! and I am very pleased at the lineup of hot dudes who so far are voicing the tale of Magnus. Yay, Runaway Queen!

I can't wait!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones International Movie Trailer DEBUTS

Yesterday I posted a teaser for the TMI International movie trailer and today the international movie trailer debuts! This trailer is awesome! You can watch the US trailer premiere here.

AWESOME isn't?!? The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie will be out in theaters on August 23rd, 2013. What do you think of the this trailer? I can't stop watching it.

Simon's line, "I'm the one who's always been there for you." Is so heart breaking and gah, he's going to rip my heart out in this movie.