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Sunday, May 26, 2013's Top Ten Strong Female Characters in Urban Fantasy Books

So glad that Cassie posted this mention of TMI on her tumblr last night. Alongside Katniss, Saba and Sookie, we have our Clary just making it into a very formidable top ten list! Here's what had to say about our favorite redhead who never listens to a thing Jace tells her to do:

Clary Fray is raised as a normal girl but when her mother is kidnapped by demons, she’s quickly inducted into the world of the Shadowhunters: demon-slayers who have angelic blood. Clary is easy to root for since she’s incredibly caring and determined, usually putting herself in danger for the greater good. Her stubborn and sarcastic nature proves more than a match for love interest Jace.

YA Crush Tourney - Will is In It to Win It

It's almost time for YA Sisterhood's third annual YA Crush Tourney and guess what, Will is representing Cassie's characters this year!

There are some new rules such as only one character per author (Will scored the highest out of Cassie's characters last year and therefore comes in as the #2 seed). Also this year, the tournament will be broken into categories and Will's is Speculative Fiction.

Feel like there are a few characters missing from the list? Well, there's still time to vote for your Wildcard Entry until Tuesday, May 28th at 8 p.m. EST. But in the meantime, we're in a category with some worthy opponents including the Four/Tobias, Patch, Daemon, Dimitri and Warner. It won't be easy, Mundie Moms, but I have a feeling Will will win (say that three times fast, I dare you ;)). Get ready to vote on June 10th when the tourney officially starts.

Shadowhunter Tarot Cards #22: Emma & John Carstaris

We have ourselves another fabulous Shadowhunter Tarot Card. *sigh* These cards are both lovely and heartbreaking all at the same time. Cassie posted this one here:

So Cassandra Jean has finished the complete Shadowhunter Tarot, so for the next … seventy-something days I’ll be posting a card a day (okay, maybe not every day — I tend to get distracted!)  in order, from the first card to the last. Some will be under spoiler cuts; some you’ll have seen before — I’ll explain why each character has the card they have. 
We’ve moved on from the Major Arcana to the minor Arcana — the first suit is the suit of Rings, which takes the place of the suit of Pentacles. The Two of Rings shows two generations of Carstairs: Emma and her father, who plays the family violin. (You can see the name of the second owner etched on the case.) Emma’s father actually does play it; not every generation of Carstairs is musical. Emma is not particularly. It’s a bit of a bittersweet picture since we know small Emma will lose her father in some short number of years.
This card was made to replace an earlier card: 

This card was meant to be a fantasy scene, the idea of Jem teaching Emma the violin being very touching, but it was intended to take place is a sort of fantasy liminal world where all the characters existed at once. I decided it would be too confusing if people took it as a literal illustration of something that would actually happen, so we decided to go with the first image!