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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More TMI Movie Merchandise: Jewelry and Perfume

Ooooooh, jeweeeeels!!! Earlier today, Cassie, Sarwat and Sarah tweeted a few pics of new movie merchandise. 

Photo: Melissa de la Cruz' twitter: Top row: Melissa, Sarwat, Sarah. Bottom row: Cassie and Josh.
And then Cassie tweeted a pic of Angelic Power perfume. I wonder what the scents will smell like?

Loving all these new merch pictures. What are your favorite things so far?

German Trailer Now With English Voice-over

YA Crush Tourney: Vote for Will

It's that time of year again, YA Sisterhood's YA Crush Tourney time!! In this round Will faces Warner from Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me. I hear he's a bad guy, but I haven't read the book, yet. No matter, this is after all Mundie Moms, so I don't have to convince you guys to vote for Will, just look into those baby-dark-blue eyes.

GlamourUK Twitter Event with Cassie and Jamie: #glamourjamie and CoHF Hint

Cassie and Jamie (photo: GlamourUK)
The GlamourUK Twitter Q&A happened earlier today and here are the answers from Cassie and Jamie.  And boy, are there some whoa, whoa, whoa moments in them:

Lots more Q&A under the cut! Including what other character Jamie would like to play and the biggest news of all -- a hint about City of Heavenly Fire that shocked the fandom: "We leave this world entirely for a different world." WHAT?!?!?! WHY????? OMGosh, why can't April come faster.