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Sunday, July 7, 2013

San Diego Comic Con TMI Schedule

San Diego Comic Con has updated their program schedule and here are the details on the TMI sessions:

This session is titled "The Scoop at Simon and Schuster", and check out the giveaway!

Sony and Screen Gems will discuss their new movie line-up which will, of course, include "TMI: City of Bones" but also "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2", "Robocop" and "The Amazing Spiderman 2":

Friday July 19, 2013 4:05pm - 6:15pm 
Hall H

This is a cannot-miss panel! Just take a look at the authors in attendance plus the great theme:

Who's going? Who's excited? I know, I know, what a summer for all of us Mundie Moms!

Cassie's Signing at Bluewater Waterstones in Kent

From f*yeahwmortalinstruments tumblr
Pictures and tweets are coming in from Cassie's signing today at Bluewater Waterstones today. Some fan brought a duck for Cassie to sign!! Gotta love that! It goes along nicely with that mango @catreads had signed at the Waterstones' Piccadilly signing. Oh, that Herondale-fan humor!

Picture: @catreads on twitter

Also, here'a pick from @MInstrumentsUK of Cassie and her fans at Blackfriar's Bridge:

Photo: @MInstrumentsUK twitter
The U.K. tour is proving to be way too much fun! Love seeing all the pictures and videos.

From Waterstones Piccadilly Signing

From warriorsoftheangel

Love this gif from warriorsoftheangel's tumblr. It's from Waterstones' Piccadilly signing and doesn't Jamie just nail Jace's pain in that moment?