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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Final TMI Movie Poster Revealed on MTV's Hollywood Crush

Isn't this final TMI poster gorgeous? MTV's Hollywood Crush revealed it a few minutes ago. Go check out what Lily Collins had to say about her role as Clary.

And then feel free to join us in staring at this really well done poster...oh, that rune in the sky, the a fierce sparkle in Jace's eye, Alec and Isabelle looking determined, Clary looking curious and Simon, Simon looking, well, just like we all pictured him...mundane-ish and geeky. Love this so so so much!

Dark Readers Exclusive Video of London Film Comic Con and Waterstones Piccadilly Signing

Monday just got a little happier, Mundie Moms! Casey over at Dark Readers has given us an exclusive video she put together of both the London Film and Comic Con and the Waterstones Piccadilly signings.  The best part of it, is how she captured all the excitement and details of the events and set it to Jamie's singing.

Many thanks to Casey for treating all of us, who couldn't be there, to these two events. Now, we can sit back and pour another cup of coffee (or iced tea because it's hot outside already) and watch this cleverly edited montage.


EW posts Holly Black's Coldest Girl in Coldtown Book Trailer

I know we've been posting a lot of Cassie and TMI Movie items, but I'm going to take a moment and genuinely fangirl over Holly Black's just released book trailer.

Here it is on Entertainment Weekly Shelf-Life, click here to watch. And here are those handy-dandy pre-order links: IndieBound | Barnes and Noble | amazon.  After watching that mysteriously chilling trailer, are you adding The Coldest Girl in Coldtown to your TBR pile?

Jamie Speaks Out About Criticism He Received When Cast As Jace

A lot of fan sites have posted this footage from London Film and Comic Con this past weekend. Jamie talks frankly about the criticism leveled at him from passionate fans when they first heard about his being cast as Jace.

You know that we here at Mundie Moms always felt he was going to be a great choice. I kept mentioning specific scenes in "Camelot" where he acted very Jace-like, but not everyone felt that way. It's nice to see the fandom rally around him with support through the #JamieisJace campaign on twitter. And it will be launched again today at 2 pm PST, 5 pm EST and 10 pm in the U.K..

Here are prettylittletmi's gifs which contain his comments on the subject.

Well said, Jamie, well said. It's hard for any actor to step into a well loved fictional role, but we should be supportive and let their work on screen speak for itself.

Hot Topic Goes Live with Pre-Orders of TMI Movie Merchandise

Whoa! Hot Topic has made their TMI movie merchandise available for pre-order, let me just say that I'm saving my pennies because there are a couple (three, four, or more) things I want. Isn't that Angelic Tank cute?

I think the GlaringJace (yes, it's really called the Jace t-shirt) shirt is perfect for school pick up or better yet, that school pull-thru lane. Just for that moment when someone tries to double-park while you're trying to get out. Mhmm, hello, see Jace's face. He's glaring and so am I!

Those leggings are waaaaaay cute, agree MMs?

That Shadowhunter shirt is a must-have!

I love seeing their three faces on merchandise; it's getting real. We're almost there to the movie's release date!

Isabelle's necklace -- gotta love that design. 

I can think of a Mundie Mom friend who'd love a BFF parabatai necklace, can't you?

And pins, my book bag(s) need these pins.

As the infomercials say, there is EVEN MORE; click over to Hot Topic's TMI Movie page and see iPhone cases, more t-shirt designs and yes, more jewelry. And I've got to ask, what are your must-have items?

The Mortal Instruments Movie Monday #24

Like mother, like daughter. 
Clary's pinterest account has been quietly updated by these wonderful drawings.

A splash of color for Luke. 
This is completely how I feel about coffee -- the elixir of life. Especially on Mondays!

The life blood of the civilized world. Coffee. 

And I seriously had to hold back a spit-take as I was drinking that coffee, because OMGOSH, look at Simon!!!

The "major bad ass" nod. 

Mundane Monday #189

Fairytale by FollowtheRiver
Katie will be back by mid-week, so I figured I'd post a favorite scene of mine. The one scene that made me cry, just a little, when I read City of Glass.

She laced her fingers through his. "Good night," she whispered. With their hands clasped like children in a fairy tale, she fell asleep beside him in the dark.

― Cassandra Clare, City of Glass
Did you get a little misty-eyed when you read it?