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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Mortal Instruments Movie Set Visit Exclusive series #2: My OnSet Interview with Jamie Campbell Bower

Like many of you, when Jamie was first cast as Jace I had my reservations about him. It was hard to get the Jace I always pictured in my mind out, and make room for the Jace Jamie was going to portray. Though I didn't see Jace in Jamie at first, I trusted Cassie when she said he is the perfect Jace. She was/is right! It didn't take me long to realize how right the casting of Jamie for Jace was, when I first meet him. Listening to him answer our questions about him on set, I realized he got Jace in a way many of us did and then some. He got Jace on a level I felt Cassie knew him on. 

During the cast interviews, I had the chair right next to where each cast member came and sat, and I have to say that with each one, I had the stupidest grin on my face as I listened to each on talk about their character. It was seriously so exciting to hear them talk about the characters I've come to love, and realize that they each bring something unique to the characters they're playing. YES, they ALL know the characters, and I'd venture to say even more than us die hard fans do. With Jamie's interviews, as he was leaving I couldn't help but mention how he was indeed the perfect Jace. His is Jace. I wish I could have bottled up what I saw in him, and heard from him to share that with you guys, but I'm fairly confident that what you'll see on the big screen will prove to fans we got the best Jace.

In experiencing the things I did on set, I can say without a doubt, that Jamie IS JACE! The way he talks about him, his mannerisms, the way he protrays him on film, down to the little things he does to bring Jace to life, is spot on with the way I always saw Jace in my mind when reading The Mortal Instruments series books. I can not wait to see Jamie bring Jace to life on the big screen.

Like Cassie's interview, every fansite was allowed one question. Here is what I asked Jamie:

What was your first impression of Jace either when you read the book or first read the script?
That he was a d***head. But a loveable d***head. Like I was saying with the vulnerability thing, there are times I just wanted to give him a cuddle and sit him down and go dude it’s okay don’t worry everything is going to be. . . .you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You don’t to, you know, fight demons, um you do that’s your job so yea, I loved him and I wanted to sit him down and have a chat with him, cuddle him, and then discard him.
Best answer ever! Cuddle him! Oh we all about died on that one. See what I mean?!? Jamie is Jace! Yes Jamie, we'd all cuddle Jace too. ;) lol

Here is what the rest of the fansites asked Jamie and what he had to say:

What’s the training process been like to get you ready to play Jace?
To the point of almost passing out, it’s paid off in abundance I hope, and it’s something that I never really been comfortable with before I suppose would be my word in. I sort of shied away from such things. I did Ballet at school but, yea, I was pretty crap. But yea, it’s been really difficult but worth it. Not something I would recommend for everyone that’s for sure! But it’s good.
Were you familiar with the series before you acquired the role?
I was not. I was not familiar with the series. It was interesting because I heard about it. I actually heard about the project through somebody else whilst I was working on another job. So I started doing research into it because I was interested in the story and of course you hear about a job that’s sort of floating about and you think it sounds cool or whatever. So, you kind of want to poach it a little bit. So, upon receiving the interest of casting, I delved a little deeper let’s say. But, I wasn’t aware of such books like Twilight and Harry Potter. I didn’t read much as a kid. I watched a lot of cartoons.
What has been your biggest challenge in playing Jace?
My biggest challenge in playing Jace, I think the physicality of what I have to do in playing him has been a big challenge. And I’ve wanted to do a hundred percent of the stunts and everything like that. There’s been but one thing that I haven’t been able to do. And unfortunately it happened two days ago and the guy got a bad ding on his head so I’m kind of thankful I didn’t do it. Hence this being on my face now. This isn’t real; it’s to match his ding. So, that’s been really tough, but also really exciting for me. And I’ve pushed myself further than I’ve ever push myself before. It’s been a challenge but it’s been a challenge I’ve wanted to do, and I do love to challenge myself. And I do love to push the boundaries of what I believe I can do and what I didn’t believe I could do. So, that would be the main thing. And also, you can steal an answer from somebody else because it will come back to me.
What was your favorite part about Jace’s character?
This, there you go steal this. My favorite part about his character, and what’s interesting to me when I was discovering out who he was, was this vulnerability that exists underneath this shield of wit or  rudeness effectively as I have seen it, and when that vulnerability is shown to the one person that he believes that he can trust it’s scary for him. It’s scary to let someone in, and the moment he feels almost instantly he feels that’s been betrayed, he just shuts back off again, and I love that about him. I love this…I wouldn’t say he’s a cool customer, but he’s a bit of a dickhead. And I kind of love that….I love that about him. I just think it’s brilliant. Because you don’t get dickheads in stories anymore. Yeah that’s what I love about him.
How much have your costumes, tattoos, and make-up affected you portrayal of Jace?
Dramatically, I was very fortunate enough to be here over a month prior to shooting, so I got to work with Gersha, our costume designer, quite closely and she’s pulled some incredible stuff together. But, it was great for me because I was able to go in there and go I don’t know if this is going to work. I feel uncomfortable, and if I feel uncomfortable and then (someone) is going to feel uncomfortable as well. Of course there will be times when you are wearing things that are uncomfortable. What’s interesting for me about Jace is the fact that I genuinely can relate to him so everything that I feel…I feel that he feels too. And everything he feels I feel. So, it’s been really exciting for me, and also I love leather and there’s a shitload of leather. So, that’s been cool. The tattoos, I love tattoos. It’s great to be tattooed. It’s not so great to be sitting in hair and makeup for three hours but it’s fun. And hell it makes him look badass.
What’s been the most fun experience that you’ve had on set so far?
Everyday. The training is fun, it’s just hard. This is the most comfortable I’ve ever felt on a set. Which is great, and I trust Harald with my life and with what he is doing with the story. And the fact that he gives us the freedom also to be able to put things in or put our input in is really interesting for me. Because you know you can work with a lot of people where “this is it”, this is what we’re doing, this is how it’s gonna be, no deviation from this, you can’t bring anything into this because this is how it has to be. The words are there, the stage direction is there. We don’t have to do that with Harald. We are very much given this open forum where we can just bounce ideas around. If he thinks an idea is crap he’ll just tell us. But that’s been really fun for me. I guess all the fighting stuff, the Hotel Dumort stuff has been really cool. I got to do a front flip onto a table, so that was pretty cool. It was awesome.
What do you love most about The Mortal Instruments series?
The covers. They are nice covers. I feel sorry for the guy that was on the cover of the first book though because he’s probably going, “Why wasn’t I cast”? Maybe he’s a crap actor, maybe I’m a crap actor. Like I said before, the underlying love story, the torment that exists in the characters, particularly in Jace. I love his sort of angst and his confusion in his own my mind whilst trying to be Mr. Sly.

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Happy Friday indeed! Cassie Clare just shared the most exciting news! GODFREY is coming Comic Con!!!!!! 

I have great news! Godfrey Gao is now joining the panel for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES at Comic-Con! See the full list of panelists below:
- Me
- Lily Collins
- Jamie Campbell-Bower
- Robbie Sheehan
- Kevin Zegers
- Godfrey Gao
- Harald Zwart
Godfrey will of course bring untold handsomeness to the panel. I hope to see you all there to enjoy it, and if not, that’s what gifsets are for.

The panel will be next Friday, July 19th at 4:05 pm in the H Hall. Sony will be sharing some exclusive footage and there will also be a Q &A with Cassie, Harald and the entire cast that will be attendance. 

I am the biggest fan girl right now, hearing that Godfrey is coming to Comic Con! I'll be there next week, and can't wait to share with you guys all that's discussed during the panel. 

#YEAHYA! Harlequin Teen Author Fest 2013 Stops Is In The Dallas Area TONIGHT!

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I'm so thrilled to be the live for blogger for tonight's Harlequin Teen's #YEAHYA Author Fest stop. That means I'll be there to interview the authors, tweeting live during the Q&A, and sharing pictures. Can't make it tonight's stop? Go here to see where the authors will be at next.

Get all the details for TONIGHT'S event here.

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