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Friday, July 19, 2013

EW Interviews TMI Cast at SDCC

Entertainment Weekly did a wonderful interview with the TMI cast at Comic Con where they talked about love triangles. 

Cassie at San Diego Comic Con Pictures

From @cassieclare
Cassie has been tweeting from Comic Con, and it's been a blast to see her pics with the cast.

On the red carpet at SDCC (photo: @cassieclare)

Cast headed back to Sony's plane. (photo: Cassie's tumblr)

And thanks to soulstryder on tumblr, we have gifs of the infamous Mundie Moms mention by Robbie! I'm still giggling, aren't you? 

San Diego Comic Con: MTV Interview with TMI Movie Cast

MTV interviewed the cast of The Mortal Instruments at San Diego Comic Con, today, and at approximately 4:54 you can hear Robbie mention Mundie Moms! What a great shout-out. Even though he mentioned it when thinking about how much he'd like to have his own stalker. LOL! I like the fact that Lily quickly said something about "here come the care packages".

Katie will have her exclusive cast interviews up here as soon as she gets back. In the mean time, I'm going back to my family vacation (I know, I know, I picked an awful week to go visit family). But, isn't it fun to watch TMI movie fun unfold?

For more of the MTV live feed at SDCC, go here. And don't forget to follow @MundieMoms on twitter for our founder's, Katie B's, adventure at Comic Con. She's been tweeting some awesome pics!!

Final Round of YA Crush Tournament: Vote for Will

Okay Mundie Moms, as if we didn't have incentive to vote for Will in the YA Crush Tourney's final round...look what Cassandra Jean promised:

Who wants to see a sexy Will pinup poster? Yeah, I see all those hands rise up in the air! And before you think, wait, I got to make sure the kids' teeth are brushed and check the calendar for swim lessons and camp times, we are not in the lead. It's 50/50 at this point. Stop everything and vote for our Will