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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Shadowhunters! Come out to the Arclight Hollywood tonight dressed in your best Shadowhunter gear! TMI Source, Mundie Moms, and Fangirlish have TWENTY individual tickets to give to campers! Come and camp! Dress up in your best gear! We'll be there around midnight, and we know a certain someone will be there too! To win tickets you have to be dressed up and camping! The first ONE HUNDRED FANS WILL HAVE SOUP SERVED TO THEM FROM HARALD ZWART AND SOMEONE ELSE (we can't tell you who, but you know - we guarantee you don't wanna miss). The Arclight is at 6360 W Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, CA!

Lily Collins on the Teen Choice Awards Blue Carpet


Lily Collins: "It really reminded me how passionate fans are"

Lily Collins is one of the most down to earth people ever. The starlet lives her life and we think she makes a perfect Clary Fray. But here's the question - what does she think of us?
"I was in Dublin recently; I was in the middle of a field at a concert and these two girls came over to me and they were just screaming hysterically, and they were like, ‘What’s your name?’ and I was like, ‘Lily,’ and they were like, ‘No, Clary Fray!’ And then they started screaming, ‘August 21st!’ and I was like, [whispers] ‘What’s happening August 21st?’ Like, I was totally in a different movie mindset, and they were like, ‘Your movie comes out!’ and it just really reminded me how passionate the fans are, and how aware they are and how excited they are," Lily recalled to "So to experience that in this field, it really reminded me how excited everyone is."
We are excited Lily! Thanks for being so patient with us and believing in us! SOURCE

Jamie Campbell Bower Understands We Need Movies like 'The Mortal Instruments'

jamie5 (1)
Jamie Campbell Bower is about to be even more of a household name. The actor is one of the most down to earth people we have ever met. Even better, he gets us all and knows that we need movies like 'The Mortal Instruments'.
He told Event magazine: '''The Mortal Instruments' is not 'Twilight'. There are similarities like vampires, werewolves and a love triangle, but love triangles have existed throughout history, in literature and movies. ''It's never been easy being a teenager emotionally and hormonally, so it's really important for them to have movies like this that they can identify with.'' Jamie - who is dating his 'Mortal Instruments' co-star Lily Collins - also admitted he is grateful for the support of his parents, particularly when he dropped out of private education to pursue his dream. He said: ''I dropped out of my A-levels because I started to act. 'Sweeney Todd' with Johnny Depp was my first film, and I chose not to go back to school.

Robert Sheehan Talks 'The Mortal Instruments' and Persisting for the Part

Robert Sheehan 

We super love Robert Sheehan. No even meaning to brag, but he's been super sweet each and every time he has met us. The actor recently spoke about Hollywood, his life, and being in the Mortal Instruments.
If The Mortal Instruments had been a British film series and not a globally anticipated American high-school fantasy about humans with angel qualities, Sheehan would have been a shoo-in. As it went, it took him the audition and six or seven further tapes, made and sent to the US off his own bat, to ensure he got the role. "I cannot stress enough how much I persisted," he laughs. "With any film of that scale there's a committee that has a very specific idea of what they're looking for, but I just kept thinking that if I showed them something else, maybe they'd want that instead." Should the first film take off in the way that's planned, the move to Hollywood is almost inevitable; his co-stars, Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, are already there. This year he has been over twice so far. "And it's friendlier than you think," he says. "It's all: 'Chad's having a party on Saturday, Ethan's having a barbecue on Sunday, we're gonna do brunch and hiking on Monday…' It's surprisingly easy to plug yourself in."
But guys, this is only a small tidbit of the article. The rest gets much more interesting. READ HERE.

A Special Message from Jemima West!

For awhile now fans have been speculating over whether or not Jemima West was still apart of the TMI Family. We all fell in love with her as Izzy, and today we have officially lay our fears aside. Check out Jemima's message for fans:

Mundie Moms Mini-Review of TMI Movie

From Mundie Moms instagram: A billboard near Sony Pictures studio, Los Angeles
Katie released this mini-review on MMs instagram:
My #TMImovie blurb: The acting is superb! Jamie is THE perfect Jace. @mortalmovie
So good to know that the movie is good and the acting is true to the book. Katie answered all our excitement with those words, so who's got their ticket already for the 21st?

Pictures of Cassie and Mundie Moms in Los Angleles

fangirlshness, Cassie Clare, Katie B (Mundie Moms)

It's so fun to see Katie (Mundie Moms founder) in Hollywood with none other than Cassie! The found a fun postered-up Shadowhunter wall yesterday, and of course, they had to take a picture. It's almost premiere time, MMs! 

Don't forget to follow MMs on instagram because Katie is posting pics from Los Angeles every day! 

Happy Birthday to Jemima West and a Fanart Izzy from Cassandra Jean

Happy birthday to Jemima West, our very own Isabelle Lightwood! Her characterization of Izzy has brought our beloved character to life perfectly. We wish her a fantastic year!

And just in time for Jemima's birthday, Cassandra Jean just happened to draw a picture of Isabelle. Here's what she had to say about the drawing:

I was struggling and struggling and STRUGGLING all morning to draw this dang picture full of guys. And eventually rage quit and decided “I want to draw a badass chick”. And so, Izzy.

Isabelle by Cassandra Jean
Awesome depiction of Izzy!

Cast of 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' talks with Jake Hamilton

Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers talked The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with Jake Hamilton, including which actors they think could secretly be Shadowhunters.