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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Mortal Instruments Cast On Female Fandoms

Continuing with VH1's interview with the cast, today's segment is discussing the female fandom, which you can watch here. Can I just say, seriously VH1?! Does it matter if we're female, male, old or young. We all like what we like, and quite frankly who cares. Who cares if we're girls, if we're teens, preteens, moms or not moms.  I'm so tired of the fandom stipulations. Also, I absolutely love the response Jamie gives, but I will warn you, he does drop an f-bomb, but the point he makes is spot on.

I adore this cast! I've been around them enough times that I can tell you guys they say what they mean. They're genuine and truly are grateful to the fans of TMI for all their support. 

Lily Collins on Young Hollywood

UNBREAKABLE by Kami Garcia, Book Trailer

Check it out! Unbreakable is the first in Kami Garcia's The Legion Novels has a book trailer! Yes I know I'm a little late on sharing this news, as it released last weekend while I was in LA covering the excitement over The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie.

Check out this trailer

Here's a little bit about the book:
I  never believed in ghosts. Until one tried to kill me.

When Kennedy Waters finds her mother dead, she doesn’t realize paranormal forces are responsible—not until mysterious identical twins Jared and Lukas Lockhart break into her room and destroy a deadly spirit sent to kill her.

Kennedy learns that her mother’s death was no accident, and now Kennedy has to take her place in the Legion of the Black Dove—a secret society of ghost hunters formed to protect the world from a vengeful demon. A society whose five members were all murdered on the same night, leaving the Legion in the hands of the next generation: a misfit group with unique skills.

As the new members race to find the only weapon capable of destroying the demon, each uses their individual skills to battle paranormal entities and earn their rightful place in the Legion—except for Kennedy.

If she is truly the missing piece of the puzzle, can she stay alive long enough to find out—without losing her heart in the process?

Protect yourself.
What you can’t see can hurt you.

Stay tuned for how you can enter to win an ARC of Unbreakable here on Mundie Moms!

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Official Teaser #1

I know I'm late to the party with this news, but have you guys seen the teaser trailer for the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters movie? If not, check it out below.

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie! You can also check out's article about the movie and get a glimpse of a few stills from the movie, like this one of Rose and Dimitri:

Alright Richelle Mead fans, is this a movie you're looking forward to seeing. I've heard this cast is pretty spot on, and I'm looking forward to seeing more stills from the movie.

Sony Preps for The Mortal Instruments Movie With a Stellar Line Up of Merchandise

Sony's gearing up for The Mortal Instruments! Check out the newest list of must have Shadowhunter gear. License Mag featured the list recently, which you can read about here. Here's what they said:
Sony Pictures Consumer Products has lined up a full roster of domestic and international licensees for its latest film, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which will open in theaters Wednesday.
A wide range of product will be available around the world, from fashion apparel and accessories to publishing and costumes.
In addition to licensing partners, SPCP has also partnered with key retailers including Hot Topic, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Rue 21 and Michaels in the U.S., as well as Forbidden Planet, Tesco and WH Smith in the U.K., Carrefour in France and Dymocks in Hong Kong.
U.S. licensees include:
  • Bioworld Merchandising for t-shirts, fashion tops, leggings, hoodies, loungewear, socks, hats, bags, accessories and fashion jewelry;
  • Tripp NYC for a full fashion line inspired by the feature film, available exclusively at Hot Topic;
  • Jewelry on 7th for fine jewelry;
  • Underground Toys for tattoos, phone covers, novelty items, replicas and journals;
  • Running Press for a mini-kit that includes a sticker book, rune necklace, tattoos and magnets;
  • Simon & Schuster for a Shadow Hunters guide book and official movie companion guide;
  • Trends International for weekly calendars, writing instruments and bookmarks;
  • PlayFirst for mobile gaming;
  • Leaf Trading Cards;
  • Tonner Doll Company for collector fashion dolls; and
  • Rubie’s for costumes, masks and costume accessories, including wigs, prosthetics, hats and headwear.
International licensees include:
  • Sunset for t-shirts, fashion tops, hoodies, loungewear, socks, hats, bags, accessories and replica jewelry in Europe;
  • Walker Books for a tie-in book, journal and book of quotes in the U.K. and Australia;
  • Pyramid for posters, wall art, calendars, mugs and wristbands in Europe, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand;
  • My Flash Trash for fashion jewelry in Europe, the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand;
  • Gear for Games for tattoos, phone covers, novelty items, replicas and journals in Europe and Australia;
  • Laurelle London for perfumes and fragrances worldwide excluding the U.S. and Canada;
  • Hatber for back-to-school and stationery in Russia and CIS;
  • Mantiburi for wall art and window stickers in Europe;
  • Happy Toys for accessories, bags, notebooks, blankets and pillows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland;
  • Ripol for tie-in books and phone and tablet skins/covers in Russia and CIS;
  • MM Media for tarot cards and t-shirts in Germany; and
  • Hybris for t-shirts, hoodies and caps in Nordics.
Shadowhunters, what items are you looking forward to picking up?

Clary's Room

I love that Constantin Films/Sony Pictures have created Tumblr accounts, Pinterest Boards, and playlists for some of our favorite characters from City of Bones. Recently they gave fans a look into Clary's room via Clary's Pinterest Board. Check it out below:

I seriously need to find the orange owl blanket in the first picture. MUST HAVE THAT. I'm hoping stores will copy or get inspired some of the things featured in the movie, so that some of us die hard fans can purchase said items, like you know, the owl blanket. *coughs*


I am so excited about this! CBS has been following Cassie around since BEA, as part of their feature airing TOMORROW! They've filmed her and interviewed fans at Simon & Schuster's BEA movie party, Comic Con, and the Red Carpet. Having also been at these events they were at, and watching them film, I can't wait to see what they put together. I am so thrilled they're featuring Cassie. It's long over due and so deserving.

Bestselling young adult author Cassandra Clare says she writes books that she would have read as a teenager in an interview with Serena Altschul for CBSSUNDAY MORNING WITH CHARLES OSGOOD to broadcast August 18, 2013 (9:00 AM, ET) on the CBSTelevision Network.

"I think I'm writing for, like, the imaginary me," Clare tells Altschul. "You know, like, I'm writing the book that I would have wanted when I was 17 years old."

Clare's books have been translated into more than 30 languages and there are more than 24 million of them in print today. On August 21, 2013, a movie version of her novel City of Bones is set to hit theaters.

Clare, whose real name is Judy Rumelt, started writing City of Bones in a tiny Brooklyn closet that served as her bedroom. She worked at the Hollywood Reporter during the day and wrote the novel when she was off. The inspiration for her first book came from walking around New York City after the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks, she tells Altschul.

"It felt like New York was at war," she says. "And I remember thinking... how I kind of wished there was a magical race of people who could protect the city. You know? And I think that was where I got the first idea of maybe I could create a world in which there were these - sort of - Supernatural protectors."

Eight books later, she now lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three cats. When she's not writing, she designs dresses, she tells Altschul.

"I write every day, and I write to a word count, usually," she tells Altschul. "And then only when I'm done with the words can I, like, knock off and do whatever I would do with my life."
Altschul's interview with Clare will be broadcast August 18, 2013. CBS SUNDAY MORNING is broadcast Sundays (9:00 AM, ET) on the CBS Television Network. Rand Morrison is the executive producer.