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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Twitter Tuesday: Little Brown Holiday Party

Not sure if you guys follow Little Brown's twitter feed, but they're having a fabulous chat next Tuesday (December 17th) with whoa, would you just look at that awesome author list?!?!

You can RSVP at the Little Brown Lounge over here. I know a few Mundie Moms that will be sure to hop on!

Fan Art Tuesday

Why limit Fan Art posts to just Fridays when they are so adorable??
Sizzy by aegisdea

Aegisdea has promised us more of these Christmas card-like pics. The cuteness sizzle of Sizzy at holiday time is off the charts!

Will and Jace by she-beliieved

And then of course, Will and Jace and DUCKS?!?! Sooooo cute x a gazillion.
Hypothetical Magnor Child by cassandrajp

From Cassandra Jean, a hypothetical Magnor child based on this request:
may10baby asked: My inner Magnus is sad that you don't ship the two of them. "With my gorgeous eyes and your delightful skin tone our children would be beautiful, my darling pea pod."