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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas! 

I absolutely love this day. As a child there's so much wonder and magic this day held. Having kids of my own, I love experiences the magic and wonder of this season through their eyes. I hope each of you has a joyous Christmas/Holiday season. To those who are away from family and friends, know you're loved and missed. To those serving in the armed services, THANK YOU for your sacrifices. 

Normally leading up to Christmas and the New Year we've posted our favorite reads and highlighted favorite events over the course of the year. My surgery recovery hasn't gone as smoothly has I had hoped and on my end nothing has really gotten done on the blog. I apologize for that, but I do have some things planned leading up to the count down of the new year. We're taking the next couple of days to spend time with our families, and won't be on line as much as we normally are.... *snickers* but will be back soon with our favorite lists, and a giveaway or two. 

We send our warmest wishes to each of our followers and thank you for your friendships over the years. Have a lovely Christmas season!

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