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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Twitter Tuesday: Catching Up on Fan Art

When checking both twitter and tumblr, I noticed that Cassie posted a lot of simply beautiful fan art. So let me just start off with a favorite of mine -- my Jemmmmmmm.

Jem Carstais by sheehanmebaby
Hello, broken crockery. This one must me for Katie:
"The shadowy figure moved, as quick as a whip, but not quite quick enough; the jug slammed into the figure’s outstreched arm before flying from Tessa’s grasp to crash into the far wall. Broken crockery rained down onto the floor as the stranger yelled."

Will by sheehanmebaby

And one more of Jem:
"The curtains had been pulled back from one tall window, and pale silver light poured into the room like a rain of needles. In the square patch of moonlight before the window, someone was standing. A boy—he seemed too slight to be a grown man— with a violin propped against his shoulder. His cheek rested against the instrument, and the bow sawed back and forth over the strings, wringing notes out of it, notes as fine and perfect as anything Tessa had ever heard."
Jem Carstairs by sheehanmebaby

Oh, and look at Tessa!

Charlotte, Henry and Tessa with automaton Miranda by sheehanmebaby

Those nasty, nasty sisters picking up Tessa in London:

The Dark Sisters picking up Tessa in London by sheehanmebaby

Tessa and Miranda:
"With a strength she didn’t know she possessed, Tessa seized the base of the brass globe on the desk, lifted it, and swung it with all her might at Miranda’s head."

Tessa Gray and Miranda by sheehanmebaby

Okay, now I want to re-read The Infernal Devices, don't you?

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