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Friday, March 28, 2014

Signed Copies of City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare; Update & Where To Buy Copies of The Book

A couple weeks ago I shared Cassie's post about the limited number of signed copies of City of Heavenly Fire here, and yesterday Cassie took to Tumblr to ask questions about the signed copies and where fans could purchase copies of the book.

Hi Mrs. Clare :) Is there any news on the b&n signed pre-orders yet?? Will it be a special pre-order? I’m so paranoid I’ll miss the link and not get one! lol I would be gutted if I missed the chance to buy the signed copy… My cat is named after Church so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get Church sketch copy when I order! Any update info would be appreciated, and thank you for being so amazing ♥ x — chelle-ma-belle
Could you please make some more signed books. <3 :p="" em="" hippytrippie="" i="" one.="" really="" want="">
Is it still possible to get a signed copy of CoHF? If not, where can I order the normal one?
The signed copies from Barnes and Noble that I posted about two weeks ago unfortunately sold out in a few days. They are gone and they won’t be replaced because what I did was sign “tip-in pages” — kind of like what John did with Fault in Our Stars — which means signing pages that will later be bound into the book when it’s printed. The books are being printed now so it’s too late to do more.

I work with one indie bookstore, Books of Wonder, in New York, owned by Peter Glassman, that stockpiles signed copies of my books — I go in whenever I am in town and sign them. Peter has hooked me up with signed Harry Potter first editions, so I owe him. Also it’s a fabulous indie bookstore that should be supported. :)

I will be going into BoW the day CoHF pubs and signing copies for them. I’ll try to put some Church sketches in. If you want one, you can always contact the store via email or phone and place an order. In fact, they have a big old banner about it on their frontpage: (They do ship internationally, etc, you just have to call them.)

As for where you can get the normal one: any bookstore, Target, Walmart, Costco,

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