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Monday, March 3, 2014

STEADFAST by Claudia Gray, Blog Tour; Book Review & Giveaway

Welcome to today's STEADFAST blog tour stop! Today I'm excited to share my review of Claudia's upcoming release (it's out TOMORROW). First, here's a little bit about the book.

About The Book

Published by: Harper Teen
To Be Released on: March 4th, 2014
Series: Spellcaster #2
Rating: 4 Stars - I Enjoyed It
Pre-Order from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
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The second book in the dazzling Spellcaster series from New York Times bestselling author Claudia Gray is perfect for fans of the Beautiful Creatures and Hex Hall series.

Nadia, Mateo, and Verlaine saved Captive's Sound from the dark sorceress Elizabeth . . . or so they thought. But despite their best efforts, a crack opened and a new, greater evil seeped through. With Mateo as her Steadfast, Nadia's magic is magnified but her training is still incomplete. And a darker magic has begun to call Nadia. . . .

With her Steadfast, Mateo, and her best friend, Verlaine, Nadia must fight the black magic that tempts her and stop the One Beneath before he comes to claim what is his.
As always, this is a SPOILER FREE review. There are too many plot twists and spoilers that I will NOT mention anything specific so that I don't spoil anything for anyone. 


I love it when a series picks up right where it left off, and gives you just enough to refresh your memory of the important parts that happened previously, but doesn't retell the entire first book. Claudia Gray does a great job at diving right back into her exciting series. Nadia, Mateo and Verlaine have already been through a lot, but now things are about to get a little bit more exciting and a lot more twisted. Things they thought they took care previously, come back to haunt them in this book. That's saying a lot, without giving anything away. 

With reappearances of characters from Spellcasters, and Gray answering a lot of questions, it didn't take long for things in STEADFAST to pick up. Nadia, Mateo & Verlaine have a lot at stake in this book. Though together they have this strength and determination to not give up until they can stop the evil that's destroying their town and the people in it, individually they're all dealing with their own issues. While I still loved this group together, I really enjoyed getting to know Asa, this book's fabulously written villain / anti-hero. I love it when a new character enters the storyline, and totally surprises me. 

Asa is a character who enters the scene and immediately had me thinking he was going to be turn out one way, when in fact this character is full of surprises. I actually ended up liking him. He's a character who owns what he is, and doesn't try to pretend to be otherwise, though he's put in a position that does hide his true identity at first. That will make more sense when you first meet him. Another character I liked getting to know more about is Verlaine. I love that hot chemistry Asa and Verlaine have. It's one of the things that I loved about STEADFAST. 

Here's the thing I like about this series. While this over all story does focus on Nadia, I like the way Claudia allows some of the other supporting characters who also play bigger roles in this story, to have more of the limelight. It doesn't take away from Nadia's story, but it adds a lot more to the story, as this story centers more Nadia, her two friends and how they're going to stop what's happening in Captive's Sound. Steadfast has plenty of suspense, and tense moments in this book. I love that Claudia inserts moments of snark to relieve some of that, at just the right time. 

Nadia, I felt, is trying to figure out a lot. In doing so, she makes some choices that I didn't think fit the strong character she was in Spellcaster, but at the same time, given all that's happening in this book, it ended up making sense in the end. Nadia is more vulnerable in this book. She has to be. Her relationships are what keep her grounded, but when those closest to her have things they too have to figure out, it doesn't drive them apart as group, but it does forces them to refocus individually, and in doing so they're not as strong as they are when they're all together. Nadia herself has a lot to figure out. She has a lot on her mind, and things do get thrown off balance. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next book. 

If you enjoyed Spellcaster, then I'd definitely recommend picking this book up! Trust me, nothing is as it seems when the first book ended, and with the cliff hanger Claudia has at the end of this book, I have feeling things are about to get a lot more exciting in book three. 

About Claudia Gray: 

Claudia Gray is a pseudonym. I would like to say that I chose another name so that no one would ever learn the links between my shadowy, dramatic past and the explosive secrets revealed through my characters. This would be a lie. In truth, I took a pseudonym simply because I thought it would be fun to choose my own name. (And it is.)

I write novels full-time, absolutely love it, and hope to be able to do this forever. My home is in New Orleans, is more than 100 years old, and is painted purple. In my free time I read, travel, hike, cook and listen to music. You can keep up with my latest releases, thoughts on writing and various pop-culture musings via 

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