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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Casey’s experience at the UK Divergent Premiere. VIDEO VLOG.

Hey Guys! Casey here SO I was invited to the Divergent Premiere in the UK on the 30th of March. I was so excited and couldn't contain myself. The fan event before the premiere was amazing. You could get a fake tattoo, shooting practise and all sorts. When we got into the cinema my stomach was in butterflies. The film was amazing. I was so worried that I wouldn't like it. I hope you guys like the movie! It comes out in the UK in 3 days!! and all you American peeps that got it first.... what do you think of it? LET ME KNOW!!! Here is my video from the day! oh and check me out with a very attractive Dauntless gentlemen up top. *faints*

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  1. AAAAHHHHH!!! That is too cool that you were in the same room as Veronica and all those amazing actors. I loved the movie!