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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#TMITuesday - Cassie Reads An Excerpt from CoHF

Happy #TMITuesday Shadowhunters! Check out Cassie's newest meme posted here

Another brilliant postcard from Cassandra Jean for #tmituesday . Puzzle it out for a while! An ancient statue with an alarming plaque…
Meanwhile, since it’s #tmituesday, another sneak peek is up on the Shadowhunters website. 
Go here: and tumbl or tweet or email the link. That will open up content #3 to you, which is me reading an excerpt from the book, which is also provided in text. Hope you like!

Oohhhh that is one awesome excerpt from CoHF that Cassie reads! Later today I'll post the video and share more of the excerpt that's posted on the link above. For the sake of not spoiling anything, and out of respect to Cassie and Simon & Schuster, I'm not sharing it now, to give Shadowhunters fans the chance to unlock the awesomeness for themselves. Trust me, you want to!!! 

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