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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#TMITuesday: Listen to the CoHF Audiobook Snippet

We're 1 week away from City of Heavenly Fire being out!! I believe today's #TMITuesday has totally ruined me! haha My emotions can't take the wait any longer. Check out what Cassie posted this morning. 

Counting down to this, our last TMI Tuesday before City of Heavenly Fire comes out!
This #TMITuesday hold onto your headphones because we are sharing an exclusive audiobook excerpt from #COHF.
AND… it gets even better! The clip features one of #COHF’s two incredibly talented audiobook narrators – SOPHIE TURNER. You probably know her best as Sansa Stark from HBO’s @GameOfThronesbut after listening to this you may just want her to read all your books to you!

And above, as we wind down to the end of Cassandra Jean’s postcards for City of Heavenly Fire…Jace burns with heavenly fire. Luke reaches out to his sister, Amatis, dressed in red gear. And Alec holds his own sister.
See you on the other side, Shadowhunters…

Now listen to this CoHF audiobook snippet:

I LOVE what I'm hearing so far, and you guys know how anal I am about audiobooks. I'm just saying listening to Jason Dohring and Sophie Turner.... I can not wait to get this audiobook!!!

Here's a transcript of the recording snippet:

Clary sat her bag down by the door and looked around. She could hear her mother and Luke moving around her, putting down their own luggage, turning on the witchlights that illuminated Amatis’s house. Clary braced herself; they still had little idea how Amatis had been taken by Sebastian.
Though the place had already been examined by Council members for dangerous materials, Clary knew her brother. If the mood had taken him, he would have destroyed everything in the house, just to show that he could. Turn the sofas to kindling, shatter the glass and the mirrors, blown the windows to smithereens.
She heard her mother give a small exhale of relief, and knew Jocelyn must have been thinking what Clary was.
Whatever had happened, the house looked fine. There was nothing in it to indicate that harm had come to Amatis.
Books were stacked on the coffee table, the floors were dusty but uncluttered. The photographs on the walls were straight. Clary saw with a pang that there was a recent photograph near the fireplace of her, Luke and Jocelyn at Coney Island, arms around one another smiling.
She thought of the last time she had seen Luke’s sister, Sebastian forcing Amatis to drink from the Infernal Cup as she screamed in protest. The way the personality had faded out of her eyes after she had swallowed its contents.
Clary wondered if that was what it was like to watch someone die. Not that she hadn’t seen death, too. Valentine had died in front of her. Surely she was too young to have so many ghosts.
Luke had moved to look at the fireplace and the photos hanging around it. He reached out to touch one that showed two blue-eyed children. One of them, the younger boy, was drawing while his sister looked on, her expression fond.
Luke looked exhausted. Their Portal travel had taken them to the Guard and they had walked down through the city to Amatis’s house. Luke still winced often from the pain of the wound in his side that hadn’t quite healed, but Clary doubted the injury was what was affecting him.
The quiet in Amatis’s house, the homey rag rugs on the floor, the carefully arranged personal mementos; everything spoke of an ordinary life, interrupted in the most terrible way possible.
Jocelyn moved over to put her hand on Luke’s shoulder, murmuring soothingly. He turned in the circle of her arms, putting his head against her shoulder. It was more comforting than in any way romantic, but Clary still felt as if she had stumbled on a private moment.
Soundlessly, she plucked up her duffle bag and made her way up the stairs. The spare room hadn’t changed; small, the walls painted white, the windows like portholes, circular. There was the window Jace had crawled through one night and the same colorful quilt on the bed.
She dropped her bag onto the floor near the nightstand. The nightstand where Jace had left a letter in the morning, telling her he was going and he wasn’t coming back. She sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to shake off the web of memories. She hadn’t realized how hard it would be to be back in Idris. New York was home, normal. Idris was war and devastation. In Idris she had seen death for the first time.
(Source of the transcript: TMI Source)


  1. Is alec carrying who i think?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. I could listen to Sophie Turner read all day. What perfect fits for the narrators!! I will definitely be grabbing this on audio as well.