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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Twitter Tuesday: Gayle Forman's If I Stay Movie Sountrack List

The twitterverse was all abuzz a few days ago with the newly revealed "If I Stay" soundtrack song list. I know I speak for Katie, Shandra and Emm when I say we are genuinely excited about this movie. Everything looks so just-the-way-we-pictured-it-when-we-read-it.

1.   "Who Needs You" - The Orwels
2.   "Until We Get There" - Lucius
3.   "I Want What You Have" - Willamette Stone
4.   "All of Me" - Tanlines
5.   "Promise" - Ben Howard
6.   "Never Coming Down" - Willamette Stone
7.   "Halo" - Ane Brun and LinnĂ©a Olsson
8.   "I Will Be There" - Odessa
9.   "Mind" - Willamette Stone
10. "Morning" - Beck
11. "Karen Revisited" - Sonic Youth
12. "Today" - Willamette Stone
13. "Heart Like Yours" - Willamette Stone
14. "Heal (If I Stay Version)" - Tom Odell

Did you notice all the Williamette Stone songs? That's Adam's band! For legal reasons, the name of the band has been changed from Shooting Star to Willamette Stone. I don't think any of us really mind that change. And guess what? Yes, you can hear samples of the Willamette Stone tracks on soundcloud.

For creative readers, there's even a fan art challenge with weekly prizes!

But, this is what we really wanted to see -- more of the movie! So, here's the clip that was shown on this weekend's mtvU Fandom Awards:

Oh, I am so ready to see this movie! It will open in theaters on August 22nd. You can follow the latest movie updates on their official webpage or on the movie's twitter account.

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