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Monday, September 22, 2014

Banned Book Week Day #2: All Kinds Of Kids Deserve All Kinds of Stories #BannedBookWeek

ALA Banned Books Week: Celebrating The Freedom To Read!

THIS quote is one of the biggest reasons why I am a firm supporter of #BannedBooksWeek. There are all kinds of kids, will all kinds of backgrounds, living all kinds of lives, that deserve all the different kinds of stories that all kinds of books offer. NO ONE has the right to take away those stories from those kids, except their parent/guardian.

Everyone has the right to read. 
No one else has a right to decide what "everyone" else should or shouldn't be able to read.

No one has the right to tell my kids what to read, except for me. What I feel may be right for my kid to read, may not be right for another child to read. A book I may not find inappropriate, may be the kind of book a child needs to read to know they're not alone. Who am I to tell that kid, "No, you can't read that." What if that book would have been the book that would have helped them break their silence, or empowered them to endure or inspired them to do great. 

I personally feel that Book Banning is either done in fear or out of ignorance. 

I feel that those who fight to ban a book are either scared of how that particular book will influence the reader (really that parson should be more concerned about what kids are watching on tv, listening to on the radio, can see at the movies, and watch in the games they play, as those things are far worse than what they normally read about in a book), OR they themselves haven't read the book, and have no idea what the book is actually about, they just "heard" the book wasn't appropriate and they've jumped on the ignorance bandwagon to take a stand.

I believe everyone should be able to read books they themselves find suitable for them. I have a right to read. Just because I don't like the content in a book, does not give me the right to take that away from someone else. Just as I have a right to read, I have a right to not read things. I have a right as a parent to not allow my kids to read certain books. What other parents may find suitable for their kids, won't always be for my kids. Instead of banning that book, and making it so other kids aren't allowed to read what I don't deem appropriate for my kids is not right, but finding them an alternative book to read is. Trust me, I know this time will come. Just as I'm not afraid to stand up in support in Banned Books Week, I'm not afraid to stand up and say no to something I don't want my kid to read. Thankfully when that time arises, I'll be armed with a well stocked library and will be able to find my kid an alternative book to read. 

Check out Simon & Schuster's Banned Book Week's page for additional quotes, a list of their books that have been banned, and more.

What are your thoughts on Banned Books? Tomorrow I'll be sharing a list of banned books and which books I've read from the list. *shakes head* Some of these books I'm seriously shocked at. I read a handful of the books I read from the list, in high school. As in it was required reading. Tomorrow I'll talk about the list. 

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