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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Barnes & Noble's Black Friday Sale = SIGNED YA, MG & KidLit Books!

Barnes & Noble will be having one heck of a Black Friday sale! It's so big, that I might actually venture out of my house that day just to get some signed books! That's right, there will be a ton of signed books available for purchase (while supplies last) this Friday! Honestly, nothing else could tempt me to venture out to the store that day, but this selection of signed books sure is enticing.... 

There is a vast collection of YA, MG and Kidlit signed books that will be available *in stores only* that day, and Cassandra Clare's The Bane Chronicles & The Iron Trial are apart of Friday's sale. Here's what Cassie said about SIGNED copies of her books being apart of Friday's sale:

Sarah, Maureen and I signed 5,000 copies of The Bane Chronicles for Barnes and Noble’s Black Friday of Signed Books.
And Holly and I also signed thousands of copies of The Iron Trial.
Thus, my hand is broken. But — the books are available! Just check any Barnes and Noble to see what they have.
*USA only
Who's going to brave the masses and head to their nearest Barnes & Noble to picked up some signed books? 


  1. Ooh I may have to venture out for this too! I'd love a signed copy of The Iron Trial!

    1. Good luck!! :) I believe some of the signed copies went to local Indie Book stores too.

  2. Okay, I commented once but for some reason it didn't post. If I sent two saying the same thing sorry about that. Stopped in at B & N because I thought they ad was confusing. Management said this isn't a sale but it's exclusive autographed copies. Some titles might be, but I know for a fact that not all the autographed copies are exclusive to B & N because the Indie store in Chapel Hill has both Autographed copies of The Iron Trial and all of their Melissa De La Cruz stock because she was at that store last weekend and I've seen autographed copies of some of the other books in the ad at other indies near here. Some might be exclusive, but not all of them are and they're all being sold at full price. So if you're planning to go for a specific title it might be worth your time to call your local indie store to see if they have autographed copies of the same thing. Not only is it often the same price, they'll usually let you pay right on the phone and either ship it to you or put it behind the counter for you to pick up on a less nightmarish day.

    1. Hi Jenn! I've been having major issues with google and comments. most of my comments end up being deleted some how. Sorry about that. Thank you for the clarification. I know many Indie Book Stores will have signed copies for the "shop local day" which is on Saturday. When it comes to an Indie vs B&N, an Indie will always get my business first. I'll have to call my local Indie this weekend.