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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dark Duets Anthology: Cassandra Clare, Holly Black and Sarah Rees Brennan

I saw Sarah's post on this newly released (yesterday!) anthology, and I had to hurry over and click purchase. There was a signing River Run bookstore in Portsmouth, NH yesterday and this is what Sarah said on her tumblr:
Reblogged to say that the anthology DARK DUETS is out now and all. I would be there if I could—I was kindly invited—but I could not leave Ireland a full two weeks early due to… I would then wander America homelessly. ;)

But I am in it! And my name is on the cover of an anthology, which is my first time and a fancy thing. (It is happening because my two co-writers are fancies.)

The deal with this anthology is that two writers who haven’t written together before are meant to write a short story together.

Last year at a writing retreat the subject arose.

CASSIE: Christopher Golden asked me to do this Dark Duets thing, and I’m going to do it with Sarah.
HOLLY: No, *I’m* going to do it with Sarah.
SARAH: Guys, this is great, I always hoped this would happen someday, honestly I pictured Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in a fountain, but… this is also fine… please continue fighting over me.
CASSIE & HOLLY: Let’s ask if we can all three do it together.
SARAH: I’m slightly disappointed but that’s also a good triangle resolution.
Oh Sarah! Love the synergy between three of our very favorite authors! Now here's the synopsis from goodreads:

DARK DUETS: New Tales of Horror and Dark Fantasy will be published in January, 2014 by Harper Voyager. Edited by Christopher Golden, it features an extraordinary lineup of collaborative stories, with the authors of each story collaborating for the very first time. And here they are!

-TRIP TRAP by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kevin J. Anderson
-WELDED by Tom Piccirilli and T.M. Wright
-DARK WITNESS by Charlaine Harris and Rachel Caine
-REPLACING MAX by Stuart MacBride and Allan Guthrie
-T. RHYMER by Gregory Frost and; Jonathan Maberry
-SHE, DOOMED GIRL by Sarah MacLean and Carrie Ryan
-HAND JOB by Chelsea Cain and Lidia Yuknavitch
-HOLLOW CHOICES by Robert Jackson Bennett and  David Liss
-AMUSE-BOUCHE by Amber Benson and Jeffrey J. Mariotte
-BRANCHES, CURVING by Tim Lebbon and Michael Marshall Smith
-RENASCENCE by Rhodi Hawk and F. Paul Wilson
-BLIND LOVE by Kasey Lansdale and Joe R. Lansdale
-TRAPPER BOY by Holly Newstein and Rick Hautala
-STEWARD OF THE BLOOD by Nate Kenyon and James A. Moore
-CALCULATING ROUTE by Michael Koryta and Jeffrey David Greene
-SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS by Sarah Rees Brennan, Cassandra Clare, and Holly Black
-SINS LIKE SCARLET by Mark Morris & Rio Youers(less)
A lot of the authors are new to me, but it's a brand new year, Mundie Moms and it's time to read something different.

Dark Duets

Twitter Tuesday: Catching Up on Fan Art

When checking both twitter and tumblr, I noticed that Cassie posted a lot of simply beautiful fan art. So let me just start off with a favorite of mine -- my Jemmmmmmm.

Jem Carstais by sheehanmebaby
Hello, broken crockery. This one must me for Katie:
"The shadowy figure moved, as quick as a whip, but not quite quick enough; the jug slammed into the figure’s outstreched arm before flying from Tessa’s grasp to crash into the far wall. Broken crockery rained down onto the floor as the stranger yelled."

Will by sheehanmebaby

And one more of Jem:
"The curtains had been pulled back from one tall window, and pale silver light poured into the room like a rain of needles. In the square patch of moonlight before the window, someone was standing. A boy—he seemed too slight to be a grown man— with a violin propped against his shoulder. His cheek rested against the instrument, and the bow sawed back and forth over the strings, wringing notes out of it, notes as fine and perfect as anything Tessa had ever heard."
Jem Carstairs by sheehanmebaby

Oh, and look at Tessa!

Charlotte, Henry and Tessa with automaton Miranda by sheehanmebaby

Those nasty, nasty sisters picking up Tessa in London:

The Dark Sisters picking up Tessa in London by sheehanmebaby

Tessa and Miranda:
"With a strength she didn’t know she possessed, Tessa seized the base of the brass globe on the desk, lifted it, and swung it with all her might at Miranda’s head."

Tessa Gray and Miranda by sheehanmebaby

Okay, now I want to re-read The Infernal Devices, don't you?