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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Forget Me by K.A. Harrington, Book Review

By: K.A. Harrington
Published by: Putnam / Penguin Teen
To Be Released on: 8/7/14
Source: arc from publisher to review
Rating: 4 stars - I Enjoyed It!
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Two names. One face. A dangerous secret exposed.

Morgan never minded her boyfriend Flynn’s dark and private nature. She found it mysterious and alluring. But now he’s dead, and she can’t move on. She feels much like her dying town, River’s End, with its overgrown amusement park and abandoned houses: once happy . . . now fading away.

Hoping for some closure, Morgan uploads her only picture of Flynn to the social media site FriendShare along with a note to say good-bye. But she’s shocked when the facial recognition software suggests she tag him as Evan Murphy. She’s never heard of Evan. A quick search reveals that he lives in a nearby town and looksexactly like Flynn. Same eyes, nose, jawline. Only this boy is very much alive. Digging through layers of secrets, Morgan questions everything she thought she knew about her town, her boyfriend, and even her parents’ involvement in this massive web of lies.

Forget Me is a heart-pounding novel that draws you in and keeps you guessing until the very end.

A thrilling, suspenseful read, Forget Me is a twisted story packed with mystery, murder, deception, and romance. With plot twists that I didn't see coming, this was a book that kept me hooked till the last page. 

It's been awhile since I've read a good murder mystery, and Forget Me didn't disappoint. I enjoyed getting swept up into the story. I wanted to know answers just as much as Morgan did. Normally I can start to figure things out rather quickly, but Harrington does a great job at keeping her story's secrets buried, only to slowly unravel them bit by bit, keeping me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I love it when the story's mystery is one you think should be obvious, but as you keep reading, you start wondering just who's to blame, and if your suspicions were right. When the truths are finally uncovered you're shocked at just how many characters were involved, and who's to blame. 

Harrington cleverly tangled together the murder, mystery and suspense in this book. Part of me thought one thing was going on, when really it was something completely different than the shocking truths. The characters in this book are great. I liked getting to know Morgan. She's a smart girl who doesn't take no for an answer. She does do two things I rolled my eyes at, one had to do with her and Flynn and the other was something she does later on in the story with Evan, which to me crossed the line. I won't say what that is, but I will say with her dating Flynn, I was shocked that she didn't know more about him. I liked how that was addressed in the story. Flynn's character definitely adds to the mystery that surrounds Morgan's story. Even when he's not present in the book, he's still very much apart of it, and fuels Morgan's need for answers.

I really enjoyed all the character relationships. I totally loved Evan. He's such a patient guy, and I really liked how Harrington developed his character, and made him question and address some of the things I was wondering. I loved how she didn't rush Evan and Morgan's relationship. Toni and Morgan are best friends, and have a realistic relationship. They are there for each other, confide in each other, support each other, and are overly protective of each other. Which comes in handy when it comes to Reece. Aside from Evan and Morgan, I really liked Toni and Reece. They're great together and gave the story some of it's funny moments of the story. I'll be honest, I did not see that relationship coming. Which was great! I love that surprised. Their relationship is well developed, and like Evan and Morgan's not rushed at all. Reece is definitely a character who surprised me the most with this story. There's so much more to him than when he first enters the story. 

The romance in this story is great. It compliments all that's going on, and I liked that Harrington doesn't allow any of her elements to over shadow each other. Instead the romance, and the suspense and everything else that's going on, work together, and compliment each other. I hope that doesn't sound crazy, which I'm sure it does. There are times I feel some elements over shadow other crucial elements in a story, vs the author utilizing those elements to tell the story. Harrington utilizing everything to work together in her story, and it's fabulous. 

Forget Me has plenty of suspense and the right amount of sweet character chemistry that makes this a read I'd definitely recommend adding to your summer reading lists!

Shadowhunter Tarot Cards

This morning Cassie shared a few of the Shadowhunter Tarot Cards. Check them out, and read what she said about them below. 

Here's what Cassie said about these cards:

Almost to the end of the Rings (Pentacles) arcana tarot cards from Cassandra Jean’s  Shadowhunter Tarot (And thus only one more post before the whole deck has been posted in completion.) You can just click the Shadowhunter Tarot to see them all. The two of rings shows the Morgenstern family ring, with a pattern of stars, and Jace and Sebastian. The three of rings shows Emma and her father and the Carstairs family ring with a pattern of castles. The four of rings shows Cristina and Jaime, with the Rosales family ring with a pattern of roses, the five of rings shows the whole Blackthorn family with the Blackthorn ring, patterned with thorns, and the sad six of rings shows Aloysius Starkweather and his granddaughter Adele, with the Starkweather family ring patterned with lightning. 

Cassandra Clare's Upcoming Tour Stops

Hi Shadowhunters, check out these upcoming events where you can see Cassie at (outside of BEA).

Hay Festival- UK *click link to be taken to Cassie's post
I'll be at the Hay on Wye Book Festival this year, with the lovely Sarah Rees Brennan and also the Fonz! (He isn’t technically part of our event, but I did notice he was going to be there.) I’ll be signing books and reading from City of Heavenly Fire on May 24th, before it goes on sale!
The Hay Festival is free itself, but the festival charges for signings and talks so they can pay their costs. It’s 6 pounds for our event — they already sold out the five hundred person auditorium and moved us to a bigger one, so grab a ticket while they have them!
Event HF7 • Saturday 24 May 2014, 1pm • Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage
Hay on Wye, Wales
Cassandra Clare
An interview with the creator of the hit YA series The Mortal Instruments. City of Bones was adapted into a movie in 2013.
12+ years
Price: £6.00

UK & Ireland Tour
Cassie will be touring the UK and Ireland in early June – dates and where to buy tickets will be announced soon, we’ll be in England, Scotland and Ireland, watch this space!

US City of Heavenly Fire tour stops: Boston, PA, NYC 
Hi Cassie! I love your books and was wondering if you would be in Boston anytime soon for a signing or what not! :) — shadowsparade
Well, close enough! I’ll be doing a signing on May 27, the day after the COHF midnight launch party at the 92nd Street Y. I’ll be signing in Wellesley at Wellesley Books, about 20 minutes from Boston, at 7pm, with Jodi Picoult. (Awesome writer, awesome lady.) We’ll be talking about writing and characters and endings and all sorts of things. And signing our books of course. You can find all the info here.

There are only three stops on my US tour for CoHF because the book comes out the week of Book Expo America, so I’ll be spending that whole week in New York as I have contractual convention-related activities. So I hope you can make it to one of the three! (New York, Boston, Philly.)


A message from my UK publisher For UK fans, please read this message below from Cassie's UK publishing house about the release of City of Heavenly Fire & the launch party. 
City of Heavenly Fire Walker Books News
The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire UK Launch Party
Tuesday 27th May at 1pm – 4pm
Venue: The Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0AH
 Tickets £15, including an exclusive, early copy of City of Heavenly Fire.
Join us at this special Shadowhunter Super Fan event and be one of the first people in country to get your hands on a copy of City of Heavenly Fire, a day earlier than books will be available in the shops or for online retailers. Your copy will include a comic strip episode exclusive to Walker Books editions, and a full-colour fold out poster with new character art.
At our exclusive Shadowhunter Fan event there will be free rune body art painting, nail-art manicure bar, freebies, giveaways and a secret film screening to be announced!
Your ticket includes your early copy of City of Heavenly Fire, booking and more information can be found here:
UK Publication Date:
The date of publication of City of Heavenly Fire in the UK has moved to Wednesday 28th May.
For legal reasons, combined with the bank holiday on Monday 26th May we aren’t able to get books to shops any earlier – we’re working hard and most shops will have stock ready to sell on Wednesday 28th May, eBooks will be available from that day also.
If you want to get your hands on the book on Tuesday 27th May, you can by taking part in our exclusive event, details here:

#TMITuesday: Cassie Reads A City of Heavenly Fire Snippet

On Tuesday Cassie shared the #TMITuesday link for Shadowhunters to go and unlock her reading an snippet from City of Heavenly Fire. Here's the clip of her reading from it CoHF

There's much more to this snippet! Be sure to go HERE, unlock the video of Cassie, and then read the rest of this teaser. Trust me, you WANT TO!! Only a couple more weeks till CoHF is out!!