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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#TMITuesday: Maia & Simon

Happy #TMITuesday! Check out today's post from Cassie:

It’s another awesome #TMITuesday! First, art from Cassandra Jean, in which Sebastian and Clary face off.
Then, It’s time to reveal 2 more characters from the all-new Cliff Nielsen art from the inside of the #COHF jacket. Go hereand tumblr or tweet or email the link. That will open up content #4 to you, which is art of two characters and also quotes of their from the book. Hope you like! 
 And see if you can guess which characters they are from these quotes from #COHF:  
 ”Everyone should die with someone holding them.”
 “Our love is forbidden like the love of a shark and a—and a shark hunter. But that’s what makes it special.”


Via the, check out the unlocked images of Maia & Simon!

The inside of the City of Heavenly Fire jacket will feature new character art from Cliff Nielsen, the talented artist behind the covers of all the Shadowhunter Chronicles books. This #TMITuesday, we're psyched to share Maia and Simon with you!

“Some people see a power vacuum and they want to fill it. They don't care who they hurt.”
— Maia
City of Heavenly Fire

“'Kind of looks like something out of World of Warcraft, doesn’t it?' he said, gesturing around them at the blasted landscape, the ash-torn sky. 'Only, you can’t just turn it off to get away.'”
— Simon
City of Heavenly Fire

Sophie Turner & Jason Dohring To Narrate Cassandra Clare’s ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ AudioBook!

I think I just died and went to Jason Dohring fangirl heaven!! Shadowhunters, check out this exciting news! Cassie shared this exciting news about the narration of the City of Heavenly Fire audiobook. Per Cassie's post:
*claps hands* So remember when I said that I thought you guys would be excited about who was narrating the City of Heavenly Fire audiobook? Well I can finally reveal (after being scooped by Just Jared) that the book will be split between Jason Dohring (who I have loved since Veronica Mars, and I totally gave to that movie Kickstarter, oh yes)
Otherwise known as the lovely Sansa Stark. She recorded in London, so I was able to go by the studio and listen to her record, and chat about books, heroines, fictional boyfriends, and Sansa — who is one of my favorite characters in GoT and I think is a wonderful example of how many ways there are for female characters to be strong.
Isn’t she gorgeous? (And tall?!)

I can’t wait for you to hear Sophie and Jason!

We can't wait either! Listing to Jason's voice.... mmmmm lol

See, Jason could be a Shadowhunter.... What!?! Don't act like you guys didn't want to see a better picture of him. *coughs* Look Sophie! Veronica Mars just met The Mortal Instruments. ;)