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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

HEARTLINES by Nicole Maggi, Cover Reveal

Hello & Welcome to today's cover reveal! 
I'm excited to share debut author, Nicole Maggi's cover for HEARTLINES, which will be released in February of 2015 from SourceBooks Fire. 
Check out this cover!! 

I really like this cover. I like the heart into between the title, and I love the fact they didn't totally show the character's face, making it a bit of a mystery. I like the black back ground, as it does had to the mysterious feel of the story. 

 What do you think of the cover? We'd love to know your thoughts on the cover, please leave us a comment and let us know!

About the Book
Heartlines is an exciting, literally heart-pounding debut thriller about a girl whose memories are slowly being taken over after a heart transplant. Georgie Kendrick has to find out the truth behind her donor’s death before she loses herself completely.

All Georgie wants after she wakes up from her heart transplant is to go back to her old life, filled with good friends, a close-knit family, and her dream of getting into Juilliard to study the oboe. But almost immediately she starts to hear The Catch; a breath, a hiccup, in between her heartbeats. Worse, she's forgetting things, things she would never in a million years forget, like the fact that she has a deadly strawberry allergy. In its place is the memory of her fifth birthday party...complete with a strawberry shortcake.

Georgie knows that memory isn't hers, just like the memory of a room that she's never been in or a lonely street corner that she's never visited. Convinced that the memories are of her donor, she's determined to figure out what happened to the girl whose heart now beats in her chest. The path to answers leads her straight to the boy that her donor loved, and into an underbelly of society that she never imagined existed. As Georgie searches for the truth, her own memories continue to disappear and she must solve the mystery of her donor’s death before she loses herself completely. (Source: Nicole's website)

Published by: SourceBooks Fire
To Be Released on: February 2015
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About Nicole Maggi

Nicole is the author of WINTER FALLS, a debut contemporary YA novel that will be published by Medallion next year. She is also a stage and film actor. She and her husband live in Los Angeles. You can visit her at

Find Nicole via: her Website | Blog | Twitter | Goodreads

The Dark Artifices Snippet

Good Morning Shadowhunters! Cassie has treated us to an early morning TDA snippet featuring Julian Blackthorn!
Many people have been asking for TDA snippets. There will be some, mixed up with Magisterium snippets. Just remember that drafts always change and I can’t promise the snippets will make it into the book! Though they often do.
Yeah,” he said, eyelashes lowering as his gaze traced the movement of her fingers. “It hurt me being away from you. It feels like there’s a hook dug in under my ribs, and there’s something pulling at the other end. Like I’m tethered to you, no matter the distance.”
*sigh* Why do we have to wait so long for this book to be out.... 

Top 10 Books On My Summer Reading List

It's Tuesday and that means it's time for another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke & the Bookish.  Today's post features 10 Books on my Summer Reading list. Y'all know I can rarely pick just 10 books, so today I've picked 11.

 I love Summer Reading! The only problem I have is trying to figure out what books to read first, because my list is way to big. I'm sharing 10 books on my list that are a mix of those releasing this summer, and those I've had on my list to read for awhile now.

Books releasing this Summer
These are book hitting shelves this Summer and I can't wait to pick them up!

1) Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo
2) Isla and The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
3) Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout
4) Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson
5) Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead 
6) Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

Books that scream Summer Reading
These books have been sitting on my shelves, waiting to be read. Summer seems like the perfect time to read them.

1) The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
2) Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland
3) Being Sloan Jacobs by Lauren Morrill
4) My Life Net Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
5) Fifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton

What's on your Summer Reading list?