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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tackling The Never Ending TBR Pile

It's summer time, which means there will be plenty of time to sit by the pool, or hide out in your house in the cool AC and read right? That's what I was hoping, but so far summer vacation has proven other wise. Instead of getting caught up on my reading, writing reviews, and getting posts schedule for all three blogs, I've fallen more behind. While it's driving me crazy that I can't get ahead of the game at the moment, I'm enjoying every second of  having some summer time fun with my kids. This also means my TBR pile is getting ridiculously huge.

So, let's talk about tackling that never ending TBR pile. Instead of boring you with my thoughts, I've brought along a little help, thank you to the awesome Super Natural gifs I found here.

"HI, my name is Katie, and I have a book problem." 

Seriously, no matter how big my TBR pile is, and how impossible it sometimes seems to read through, I keep adding more books to it.

Honestly, who doesn't do this when a book package arrives?! haha
While I admit I have a book buying problem, which I'm getting better at, I have learned over the years of book blogging to "no thank you" when it comes to reviewing books I know that 1) I won't or don't have time to read and 2) will not interest my blog readers. My time is valuable. I'm a mom, wife, PR committee chair, PTA president, sports mom, and a book reviewer. Reading is my escape and my time to relax from the every day stuff. Between my prior reviewing commitments, and the books I've purchased to read, there isn't time to read every book that is requested, or sent.

I love books, and that love started when I was a kid. I won't ever stop purchasing books, or promoting books, whether though my blog or word of mouth. While this gif above sums up my book feels, when it comes to my TBR pile I'm feeling a little like this ......

I swear my TBR pile won't stop growing. Currently my TBR pile includes books I've purchased, (because no matter how many books I have to read, apparently I can't stop buy more books), books I need to review, and books I would like to review. I have weeded out my shelves numerous times, and in the process have donated countless books to local shelters, teacher friends, school libraries and my publish library. For some reason as soon I feel like I've gotten my TBR pile to a reasonable size I'm all, "hey look I have more room", and some how more books fill that space.

 Since life is crazy busy, and I can't sit around and read all day (don't I wish), I've become very picky with the books I read. I have to be. It's impossible for me to read every book that arrives. Between the books that are solicited that I've agreed to review, and the ones I purchase and want to read, it leaves very little time to read the other books that arrive, though I do add some of them to my TBR shelves, because they look like good reads and I do plan on reading them at some point.

I've tried to figure out away that helps me stay organized with my TBR pile, because we all know how scary our TBR piles can get.....

I have one too many shelves/bookcases that currently hold my TBR piles. To help them not feel so chaotic, I've organized my TBR shelves for my books to review for publishers down by months. All arcs come with a date that features the month and year on them, and to help me stay organized as a reviewer, I put my books in order of the month they'll be released in, and within that shelf, I've placed the books I'm most excited about reading first. While this works great for Mundie Moms and Mundie Kids, when it comes to my new adult/adult book review blog, that is still an organizational mess, because that blog is more of a my fun, laid back blog.

When it comes to my purchased books I put them in order of the books I want to read first, though I'm trying to organize these books more like the rest of my "read" shelves, which are in alphabetical order by author. I swear this way has made my life way easier when it comes to finding a book.

I've been asked numerous times about what I do with all the books I receive. I kinda of mentioned it above about what I do. I'm very grateful for all the books I receive to read and review. As I mentioned previously, it is impossible for me to read every book I receive, nor do I keep every book I receive. I don't have the room, and why keep I book I won't read, but someone else might enjoy. For some reason moving to a bigger house so that I could have a bigger room just for my books doesn't fly with the husband. (I'm not sure why HAHA). 

Even after I read a book, unless I loved it, or I think my kids will love it, I don't keep it. If I've agreed to review a book for an author or publisher, or have purchased the book, then it goes on my TBR shelves. I've If I receive an unsolicited book, and either I know I won't have time to read it, or it doesn't look like one I'll enjoy or my blog's readers will, I set it aside to be donated. 

Sometimes I still feel like I'm missing an easier way to tackle my TBR pile. I'd love to know, how do you tackle your TBR pile?