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Monday, November 10, 2014

Are You Team Roth or Team Zayne? Cast Your VOTE!

Are you TEAM ROTH or Team Zayne? 
Like how I put which team I voted for in all caps?! Team ROTH for the win, though I will say at the end of Stone Cold Touch was I  totally torn, but it's ROTH and well you know that I can't not vote for him. Though I do love Zayne, just not as much as Roth. I totally understand that Jennifer Armentrout is just as torn on who Layla should pick. Hence the reason why fans are the voting. Just in case you've missed it, fans decide who Layla ends up with. ROTH. or Zayne. 
Hurry and cast your vote before voting is closed on 11/11/14. 

Find out more about The Dark Elements series, VOTE, and find out when fans will learn who Layla chooses HERE
Remember, VOTE For ROTH! ;) 

#LoveMagnus - Today is the Magnus Quote Vote Final

Today is the Magnus Quote Vote Final! Be sure to follow Walker Books UK on Twitter to vote for your favorite quote listed below:

Which quote is your favorite? 
Go here to either RT if you are voting for the quote on the left and favorite this tweet if you're voting for the quote on the right. 

Happy Heronstairs Day; Mundane Monday #225

Happy Mundane Monday / Happy Heronstairs Day!

Happy Heronstairs Day! 
Here's what Cassie had to say about today's Heronstairs' Day:

silentones said: Hi Cassie, I just wanted to show you this post: sansasnarks(.)tumblr(.)com/post/101813240825/heronstairs-day-2014. We are having Heronstairs Day on November 10th and it would be awesome if you could reblog the post, or write a Heronstairs scene for it, or give us some Heronstairs fanart from CJP, or give us anything Heronstairs really! And if not, I just wanted to let you know anyways :)
Cassandra Jean and I decided to contribute a comic for Heronstairs Day. Text by me, drawings by her. London, Hyde Park, 1877. Will sacks out after a long night of demon-fighting and Jem covers him up with his jacket. :)

Have a great day celebrating two of our favorite characters, Will & Jem!
Too bad this doesn't constitute of day of doing nothing else except re-reading The Infernal Devices series. *sigh*