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Friday, December 5, 2014

Shadowhunter Tarot Cards Are Now Available To Purchase

Earlier this week Cassandra Clare announced that the Shadowhunter Tarot Cards are now available to purchase. You can purchase them from HERE. Per TOPATOCO, the site who's selling the cards, neither card set will ship until December 19th. There are two different sets. 

The first, is a Deluxe Collectors Edition. This is a set that is signed by both Cassandra Clare and Cassandra Jean, and comes in a collectible book box. It's cost is $150.00 (US currency). 

The second, is the regular set, which includes the set of cards and a cool rune bag to store the cards in. It's cost is $20.00 (US currency). 

Get more information about both sets here

Cassandra Clare Shares Jem & Tessa's Wedding Comic

Cassandra Clare celebrated City of Heavenly Fire's Good Reads 2014 Good Choice YA Fantasy win by sharing the comic featured in the back of the UK editions of City of Heavenly Fire, which is Jem & Tessa's wedding. Check out the feature below. 


Here's what Cassie said:

London, 2009, so a year after the events of City of Heavenly Fire. There are some clues in here for Dark Artifices and even for Shadowhunter Academy, so if you hate spoilers, avoid!
A lot of people have asked if Will is “really there” or is a ghost. I never thought of Will ever haunting the world after his death. He had a good life and a good death and has no reason to hang around. There’s an implication in the comic that this is Will’s “one trip” from the afterlife, but an equal implication, I think, that he’s not there at all, and is just a figment of the imaginations of those who so badly want to see him.
You can decide what you want to believe. :)
* Art by Cassandra Jean of course!

New TDA (The Dark Artifices) Flower Project Cards

Check out the newest TDA (The Dark Artifices) Flower Cards from Cassandra Jean.

Here's what Cassandra Clare shared about both Mark and Octavian's cards:

“I don’t know,” Mark said, looking down at his own long pale fingers tangled in the little boy’s brown curls. “He just – Julian left, and Tavvy fell asleep on my lap.”
He sounded amazed, wondering.
“Of course he did,” Cristina said. “He’s your brother. He trusts you.”
“Nobody trusts a Hunter,” Mark said.

Here's what Cassandra Clare said about Diana Wrayburn's card:

Cassandra Jean’s Floriography! Diana Wrayburn from the Dark Artifices (and you may well remember her from City of Heavenly Fire. She owned Diana’s Arrow in Idris, but she has moved to Los Angeles. She is a tutor to the Blackthorn children, but does not live in the Institute. She has her own life and her own secrets …
With Ivy, for endurance.

Since it's Friday, check out the newest fan-art from CassandraJean. This piece, titled Jonathan Shadowhunter & the Angel, is Cassandra Clare's new back ground on Tumblr.