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Monday, April 20, 2015

@McGsWonderland Tweets To TMI Movie Cast & Keeps @ShadowhuntersTV Fans Waiting For More TV Series News

A few days back McG, the executive producer and the first director for The Shadowhunters Series, teased fans with this tweet, 

Many fans are hoping this means that we'll finally get some casting news. To fuel speculation of that, this weekend McG tweeted a series of tweets to the movie cast. 

There was something fierce about the gesture...

Want to acknowledge the talent and passion of those involved in the film as we begin again- one hour at a time

The movie cast will NOT be apart of the TV series, which some fans were hoping they would be. While I loved the TMI movie cast, I'm really excited about the a brand new cast for the TV series. Had the TV series been a continuation of the movie (which it is not), I would have loved the movie cast to be back. Being that the series is separate, and picks up at the beginning of City of Bones, I'm glad they're going to be starting with a new cast.

I'm looking forward to McG's announcement today. Be sure to follow him on Twitter!

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