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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why the cast of The Mortal Instruments Movie Won't Be The Cast for The Shadowhunters TV Series

The TMI fandom is abuzz right now with the most recent casting news for the Shadowhunters TV series. You can read about our new Jace here. While we have loved our TMI movie cast, we're so excited about a brand new cast for the TV series. While many fans are thrilled about the new cast, some are still hoping the TMI Movie cast will be apart of the series. Here's the truth, they won't be. Which I think it good. Why? Because the movie cast is the movie cast.

I think the best thing the studio and network are doing is bringing in a brand new cast for the series. Does that mean I don't love the movie cast? Not all. I adore the cast. They're all wonderful actors and I loved how they brought the TMI characters to life. But as I mentioned above, they were with the movie. The movie and the TV series and two totally different things. The TV series is not a continuation of the movie. It is a brand new thing that starts at the beginning of the TMI series. In being different, a new cast needed to be cast.

There's more to why the TMI movie cast won't be apart of the series. Here's why we won't be seeing the TMI Movie Cast, cast in the Shadowhunters TV Series

1) Schedules. Most all of them are incredibly busy and working on new projects. Jamie for example, is doing a musical throughout the year. Lily is filming her latest movie, How To Be Single. Aiden is in Poldark. Lena is in Game of Thrones. Robert has been working on various projects. Other movie cast members have projects in the works, they're just not made public yet. With the series filming set to start next month, it is impossible for movie cast members to walk away from their engagements to come and film. As in, they won't be apart of the series.

2) The Show Is It's Own Thing.  The Shadowhunters TV series is it's own thing. It is not a continuation of the movie. The two things are not even related other than the fact Sony was behind both of them, and they're about the Shadowhunter series that Cassandra Clare created. Other than that, there is nothing that ties the two together. Which is awesome! We all know the movie wasn't all that great. The TV series needs to start over, which it is, and it needs to do so on a clean slate. It needs to differentiate itself from the film. It can not do that with the same cast as the film (or screen writers or directors, etc for that matter). If the film had been successful, then maybe there could have been a small (really small) chance someone may have crossed over from the film to the TV series. Looking back through the history of shows that were spun off from a successful film, there's been maybe one actor who has, if that. That leads me to the next reason.

3) Not All Movie Actors Are TV Actors. Yes, it's true. Movie and TV actors are not the same thing, and often the two stay separate. Yes, there are times where movie actors come to TV and TV might do movies. More often than not though, it doesn't happen. This is due in part to the fact that if a movie actor commits to a long term series, they won't be able to do other films during that time, because of time and filming schedules etc. Most movie actors want to do film. Many shows, like TMI, will have stipulations in place letting the actors know what kind of outside projects they can do, if any. Most stipulations say no films. With a TV series, often times they hold the actors to the role for five or more years. For someone like Lily or Jaime, who are building their careers are have projects in place already, filming the tv series is impossible for them.

4) Then there are Budgets. It is crazy at how much movie actors cost. It is a lot. Film actors get paid well too, but movie actors are paid nicely. When a film budget is set, often times they can't afford a movie actor budget, as it can eat up their entire budget for the series. Film actors need to get paid too. Plus, I love it when a series starts off with lesser named, or fresh faced actors, and then the series takes off and these actors become household names.

5) Contracts. Rumor has it that contractual stipulations forbid the TMI movie cast from reprising their roles in the TV show anyway. That doesn't surprise me. Then again, this is something I've been told happens more often than not in the film industry, which is why we don't see a lot of actors crossing over from their film to the TV series. Who knows, maybe at some point down the road when the TMI movie cast doesn't have contracts to fulfill, maybe we'll see one of them stop by the series for a guest appearance. I'm not holding my breathe on that, though it would be cool if that did happen.

Here's the thing, TMI Movie cast will not be apart of the TMI series. Fans are welcome to get mad and complain about the TMI movie cast not being apart of the tv series, but it won't change things. Getting mad at Cassie is pointless. She has nothing to do with casting, nor can she magically walk in to the studio and demand they change things (I'm pretty sure that was the case I'm sure the movie would have turned out much differently). Getting mad at Shadowhunters TV and McG won't change things. The movie cast is not being cast in the series, and a new cast is already in place. Now, I'm all for letting our voices be heard, and believe me, they've heard our voices. Instead of getting mad over things that can not happen, we can instead welcome the new cast with open arms to the TMI family.

I for one, am thrilled to have a new cast. I love my movie cast. They're the movie cast, and that won't ever change. With the new TV series, I'm looking forward to falling in love with a whole new cast. I'm just glad that the hate the movie cast was getting during their casting announcements, is not even nearly as bad as it is now that the series cast is being announced. If any worries should be addressed to McG or Shadowhunters TV, it should be that they get the story right this time. That's my biggest concern. I have all the faith in the new cast, whomever they'll be. I'm looking forward to our next casting announcement.


  1. I think the new cast is only logical for all the reasons you pointed out. Mostly, acheduling and budgets.

    1. Thank you Sophie. I totally understand fans passion behind the movie cast, but the new cast will be fabulous as well.

  2. Im kinda bummed that its posible Godfrey Gao won't be Magnus as I think he was truly perfect for the part. That being said , I totally agree with getting fresh faces and to a new cast. Can't wait for it to start :)

    Good luck x

  3. i agree, but i'm still little sad about fact that Robert won't be Simon and Godfrey won't be Magnus, they were perfect to me :'(