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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Sophie!

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I'm sneaking this in for today in hopes that Sophie doesn't see this until it's already posted. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely BFF, who's really become more like a sister to me. I adore her, and don't know what I'd do without her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sophie!

If I could, I'd surprise you to a trip to London. Jace would like you to close your eyes and think of England. *snickers*  Since we can't actually be in London together today, I thought I'd include a few British things in your bday post. You know me, I'm all about themes. See, even the Harry Potter cake goes with this theme.

Our day would start with us playing tourists. Yes, we're off to cause trouble, I mean have fun while roaming the streets of London. Yes, we're totally riding in one of the double decker buses too.

(pic source: fanpop)

We'd of course have to do the touristy thing around London, complete with finding the places mentioned in The Infernal Devices. We'd also stop by book shops, and have tea. That is a must. 

We'd also visit Buckingham Palace in hopes of seeing the Queen, or see the changing of the guard. 

Our trip to London wouldn't be complete without a visit to here

We've already got on red phone booth picture together, but one with Big Ben in the back ground would be a must. Speaking of Ben...  

Of course today's post wouldn't be complete without including a few of your favorite leading British men.

We all know that Mr Darcy would be #1

Followed by Mr Ben Barnes... #BinBons

Then Mr. Collin Firth.. or maybe he'd be tied with Mr Darcy for first place.

Let's face it, Tom needs to be on this list. 

After we've spent the day in London we'd of course have to check out BuzzFeed's 25 Stunning Places You Can Reach From London. I swear it's like they know us... 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE! I hope you have fabulous day. Which translates to, I hope you get pampered today, and are able to spend some time reading, watching your favorite British heartthrob on TV, and are able to enjoy a good cup of tea.

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  1. You know the way to this Anglofile Mama's heart!!!! Thank you for this sweet post! xoxoxo